Did WWE Tease Paige On Raw About A Recent Incident?


A seen Monday night on Raw, there was a lot of time with Kane on a speakerphone with The Authority. A running bit from those segments was Stephanie McMahon going off on a flight attendant while Triple H tried to either calm her down or remain away from the fray.

Last week, Paige tried to go off via Twitter on British Airways about the service she and Rosa Mendes received (presumably on their way to or from the Total Divas shoot in Paris) . . . and she received the following response from the airlines’ customer service representative:

It was reported last week that WWE could be punishing Paige. After the two-time Divas Champion tapped out in a surprising clean loss to Natalya on Raw, Dave Meltzer mentioned on Wrestling Observer Radio that ‚Äúsomething happened with Paige.” Decisive losses and on-air ribs are WWE’s primary tactics for punishing talent over slights.