Dolph Ziggler Might Have Signed A New Contract With WWE

Dolph Ziggler

It looks like Dolph Ziggler will be staying with WWE after his contract expires in a few weeks.

Wales Comic Con announced Friday that WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels will not be able to attend their event on December 1 and 2 at Glyndŵr University in Wrexham, North Wales, but that Ziggler, Sheamus, and Cesaro will appear instead.

What is interesting about this is that according to PWInsider, Ziggler’s current contract with WWE is expected to expire this summer, so the booking appears to be a sign that they have come to terms on a new deal or that both sides are working under the agreement that a new deal is expected to be reached.

At WWE Clash of Champions on December 17, 2017, Ziggler beat United States Champion Baron Corbin and Bobby Roode in a Triple Threat Match to win the title for the second time. Two days later on SmackDown LIVE, Ziggler held a celebration that turned out to be a retrospective of his WWE career. Ziggler then said that the fans did not deserve him and he placed the title belt in the ring before leaving. A week later, then-SmackDown LIVE General Manager Daniel Bryan said that Ziggler was nowhere to be found and that he had vacated the title. A tournament to crown a new United States Champion was then held and won by Roode.

Ziggler returned at the Royal Rumble on January 28, 2018, as the surprise No. 30 entrant in the Men’s Royal Rumble Match. A few weeks later, Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated reported that Ziggler returned after signing a new two-year contract with WWE for $1.5 million per year. A few days before WrestleMania 34, however, Ziggler shot down the report during an interview with FOX Sports Australia.

“I would love to get into that more but based on the internet, they told you I’d re-signed and I have not,” Ziggler said of his contract.

Ziggler revealed he’s still in negotiations with WWE to strike an agreement but nothing had been settled.

“Very shortly. We’re working on it now,” Ziggler said when asked about the expiration date on his current deal.

“There’s a deadline that’s approaching so very shortly. I have some options on the table to do some other things.

“I don’t take time off, I don’t like missing work and when I’m not there, I’m doing other things whether it’s FOX News, FOX Business, stand up comedy, improv, writing a book and a movie with my brother.

“I have a bunch of things going on and I don’t like taking days off and I don’t want to leave WWE but it’s great to have some options.

“I’ve asked before to go away for a little while just so everyone can forget I lose 99 times out of 100 and it’s never really come through, so I might have to do it on my own and see what happens.”

On the April 16 episode of Raw, Ziggler was transferred to Raw during the 2018 WWE Superstar Shake-up. Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews offered Ziggler a spot in Titus Worldwide, but he declined and stated that he did not come to Raw alone. Drew McIntyre then came out of the crowd and the two attacked Titus Worldwide.

Last week on Raw, Ziggler defeated Seth Rollins to win the Intercontinental Championship for the sixth time. He defended the title in a rematch against Rollins this week on Raw, losing via disqualification after McIntyre interfered. Ziggler, however, retained the Intercontinental Championship since it can’t change hands via disqualification.