Drew Galloway on TNA Possibly Working with EVOLVE, His Time with WWE and How Happy He Is In TNA

Drew Galloway

– TNA star Drew Galloway (Drew McIntyre) recently did a Q&A with TNAMecca.com. The full interview can be found at this link. Below are a few highlights:

Let’s talk about your work in the indies a little and specifically Gabe Sapolsky’s promotions. You are currently the EVOLVE and Dragon Gate USA champion. How’s that experience been for you? Would you like to see a working relationship between TNA and Gabe?

“I’ve been so lucky with people giving me an opportunity to showcase the real Drew. I currently hold 5 titles on three continents (ICW, Evolve, Dragon Gate, Danish and Australian). I’m currently the busiest wrestler in the world and couldn’t be happier.

Along with ICW and many others, Gabe and Sal helped me massively once I was gone from WWE. They gave me a shot and in my first match I won the Evolve title. A company with some of the best wrestlers with the most unique styles in the world, it really created a buzz for me and showed everyone what I’m capable of in the ring. I’m a 6’5, 250lbs long haired Scottish guy, an ideal candidate for a professional wrestler but I worked my ass off to excel between those ropes not just look the part and they believed in me. Winning the Evolve vs. Dragon Gate title match against Johnny Gargano in San Jose was one of the greatest moments and matches of my life and really felt like I really have cemented myself as one of ‘the guys’ currently on the scene. Once I made my deal, an agreement was made to bring in a couple of other guys from TNA to Evolve and a working agreement is very likely. If I had or can have any part in wrestling growing then I have truly succeeded. All I want is wrestling to grow while living my dream and if I can help then that’s beyond my dreams.”

Could you share with us, how happy are you right now with your wrestling career in comparison to where you were during your time in the WWE? As far as TNA, how have they been treating you?

“I will never say anything negative about WWE. How can I? I was with them 8 years, since I was 21, grew up there living my dream. Was FCW developmental tag champion (with Wade Barrett) twice, heavyweight champion, WWE tag team champion, Intercontinental champion, Vince McMahon’s Chosen One, multiple Wrestlemania’s, made great friends and I’m still under 30. That is unreal. I thank my stars I was there and truly grew into a man. From a boy who left university as a student straight to WWE. Those experiences, those ups and downs in life and work shaped the wrestler and man I am today.

Right now, I am so happy with TNA. As I’ve mentioned, the guys and gals have such unique ideas and big goals. I’m the most obsessive passionate fan in the world and it can sometimes be taken as an attitude issue, but they channel my passion and creativity in the right direction and that’s whatever you see on screen.”

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