TNA Wrestlers Dealing with Pay Issues, Problems Over One Night Only Pay-Per-View Tapings, More

TNA Wrestling

– TNA wrestlers are reportedly dealing with pay issues. Some of the wrestlers have reached out to PWInsider recently and one claims the company is behind two pay periods while others claim they are still owed money from February. Due to TNA not having live events booked for the talents, the pay issues have become a source of aggravation as the talents work to make up their income on the indies.

Another source at TNA’s offices in Nashville backs up the pay reports. Issues with payment have been a growing source of frustration at the TNA offices for a few weeks now as well. One source there denied that the company is behind two pay periods but did admit they are behind on cutting checks to wrestlers. Apparently it’s something officials have been trying to get under control this past week.

TNA no longer cuts checks in Nashville as they are now outsourced to a company in Dallas, where TNA parent company Panda Energy is located. To add to that, Panda recently moved their offices and while that was going on, the department handling TNA checks completely shut down. This led to a backlog on checks being issued to TNA.

Another issue is that TNA taped so many One Night Only pay-per-view events with outside talents in Orlando during their last set of tapings. This left them faced with a lot of payroll expenses while the company was not generating revenue from the tapings as those ONO events won’t air for several months. This led to checks for those talents being on a backlog also.

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Source: PWInsider