Emma Q&A: Triple H Calling Her a Great Talent, How Indies Prepare You for WWE, Her Goal, More


– The Muscle & Fitness website has a new Q&A up with WWE Diva Emma. Below are highlights:

M&F: You must be very proud to be the first Aussie born WWE Diva. What does that mean to you?

Emma: It’s amazing and it shows that someone who is born in Australia, if they have the self drive, and the determination, can get to the WWE. I feel like a pioneer for other Australian women. If they want to get here, they can.

M&F: In the early days, on the independent wrestling scene, you spent a lot of time helping to set up rings and doing things like putting chairs out. Do you think this gives you an appreciation of the business, and how great it is to be with WWE?

Emma: Definitely. All those things in the early days go into your development. It teaches you about etiquette, respect, and you appreciate being in the WWE, which is my dream job. The road trips and all the miles make for great stories. It helps you stay grounded.

M&F: You looked like you were having such fun in the early days when you first entered the WWE and now we are seeing a different, more focused Emma. Triple H has gone on record and called you a great talent, what are your immediate goals?

Emma: I had such a great time teaming with Santino (who is now retired) and I miss him so much. He is the funniest person I have ever met, but now it’s time to show my passion and dedication, and that I can be a world champion.

When Triple H says something positive like he did recently, it means so much, and it just drives me on even further to show the real Emma. My goal is to become the champion!

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