Emma On Using Social Media To Stand Out In WWE


This past Monday on Raw, yet another confrontation between Emma and Mickie James led to a rematch of their bout from a couple weeks back, this time with a unique stipulation: If Emma won, James would tweet anything Emma wanted. If James won, Emma could never claim to start the Women’s Revolution ever again.

The Australian Superstar defeated James in short order by stacking her up in a sunset flip. And, as per the wager, Emma grabbed a microphone, backed her way up the ramp and triumphantly claimed that she started the Women’s Revolution.

During an interview with Newshub, Emma talked about using social media to stand out in WWE.

“There are so many talented females on our roster, so yes, it can be hard to stand out, but in saying that I have one of the biggest social media followings on the entire WWE roster. It has really worked for me recently because of my fans, the comments I had been getting from them made me react to it and you can see it’s really paid off in the last few weeks,” Emma said.

“It’s about time too, the whole ‘#GiveEmmaAChance’ thing is real. I mean when do I get my chance at the championship, I have never had that and it just goes to show how social media can help.”

On how she got into wrestling, Emma said, “I fell in love with wrestling. I remember thinking that ‘There must be some way I can learn how to do this’ and I never snapped out of that mindset. I found an independent wrestling school, learned my trade and just went from there — now I’m here in the WWE.”

She also revealed her current wrestling goals.

“The roller coaster that is the wrestling world – the injuries, the matches that I will never forget, all of that is just part of the journey to where I become women’s champion and wrestle at Wrestlemania,” Emma said. “At that point, I can look back and just be so thankful and satisfied with everything I have done to get to that moment.”