Eric Bischoff Responds To Bret Hart Bashing Him, Says He’s A ‘Miserable Guy’

Eric Bischoff

During an interview earlier this month on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Bret Hart accused Eric Bischoff of destroying his last few years as a wrestler and said his former WCW boss “was too stupid to know what a career was”.

Hart added, “If you had passion for your matches or genius for wrestling talent, it didn’t mean anything to Eric Bischoff. He was the worst loser maggot that ever got into wrestling.”

In response to Bischoff’s past remarks that Hart was like a “broken toy” in WCW, “The Hitman” insisted he was just as passionate about wrestling when he joined the company as he was during his time in WWE.

“I could strangle him when I hear him say that because that is so not true. I was so on fire. I wanted to take the world on.

“He was such an idiot. I would say all that right to him if he were sat next to you.”

Following this, Bischoff went on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast to talk about what Hart said about him.

Bischoff said, “I’m generally aware of the kind of things that Bret says because he’s been saying them for years, so it’s nothing new there. I’m sure he didn’t break any news. He’s just a miserable guy.

“He’s the type of guy — and I said it in one of my responses on Twitter; he has a giant hole in his soul, and he’s going to have to fill it with hate for somebody. When he came to work for me he hated Vince McMahon. He hated everybody in the McMahon family; he hated Shawn Michaels; he didn’t want to work with Hulk Hogan. He hated Ric Flair, he hated Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, he hated everybody, and I had to listen to that. It was a major effort to get him and Flair on the same page; which wasn’t because of Ric, it was because of Bret; he just hated everybody.”

Bischoff continued to say he tried his best booking Bret Hart in WCW, but Hart didn’t have his, well, heart there.

“If you just watched him or listened to him over the years, he was able to get into the WWE Hall of Fame so he buried the hatchet with Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels, of course he did, but you know, Bret showed up in WCW, it makes me laugh when he says he didn’t like how he was treated because we paid him a lot of money and treated him extremely well.

“Here was a guy that would show up 45 minutes before television started, before a live TV show and he would show up looking like he would sleep in the gutter the last three days; and he had no energy, no real desire to integrate himself and insert himself in the process. He wasn’t at all passionate about anything he did from day one.”