Eric Bischoff Says Chris Jericho and Sin Cara’s Fight Was Childish But Understandable

Eric Bischoff

Offering his thoughts on last week’s skirmish between Chris Jericho and Sin Cara, Eric Bischoff finds it to be childish, yet understandable.

“It’s kind of childish. It’s kind of juvenile when you think about it, on the one hand. You can also, if you’ve been there, understand it. When you’re on that WWE tour bus . . . until you’ve done it you can’t fathom the physical and emotional toll it takes on you to tour through Europe,” Bischoff said on his “Most Controversial Story of the Week” segment on Sports Illustrated’s 120 Sports video app

“You are showing up at the building early. You’re leaving late at night. Sometimes not until eleven o’clock or twelve o’clock, whatever the case may be. Then you get on the bus and you have to drive for four or more hours to get to your next town. Check in to your hotel early, early in the morning. Five or six o’clock in the morning. Sleep for three hours and then go to the arena again. So, I understand how guys like Jericho or Sin Cara, who I don’t know personally, I understand how it happens. It’s fatigue and you just get sick of being around each other and the littlest damn thing can just irritate you.”

You can check out Bischoff discussing the incident in this video.