Eric Bischoff Says He Knows Who Kurt Angle’s Mystery Person Is

Kurt Angle has a secret and everybody wants to know what it is.

In recent weeks, the Raw General Manager has been seen looking at his phone and being very concerned about some text messages he’s received. Corey Graves is in the loop, but on next week’s show, Angle promises to let the cat out of the bag for everyone to know.

On this week’s edition of the Bischoff on Wrestling podcast, the angle was brought up and Eric Bischoff had a rather surprising revelation on the matter.

“I know what it is,” Bischoff said when co-host Nick Hausman brought it up.

Bishoff then asked Hausman, “Do you want to break it? Would you like to watch it on television and comment on it, or break it right here?”

Hausman overwhelmingly said that he did.

“Alright, I’m sure I’m gonna be burning a bridge with this one cause I’m not supposed to know about this,” Bischoff continued. “And hopefully nobody gets into any trouble over this because sometimes leaks happen. Right? But you remember the storyline with AJ [Styles] and Claire?”

“Oh my god yes, how could you forget?” Hausman replied.

“WWE’s ripping that off — Dixie [Carter] is Claire and Kurt [Angle] is AJ [Styles],” Bischoff said.

When asked if this means in the storyline that Angle is having an affair on his wife with Dixie Carter, Eric elaborated.

“I’m saying the storyline that everybody’s alluding to is shockingly familiar to AJ and Claire,” Bischoff responded.

During an interview this week with Sports Illustrated, Carter was asked if she’ll be on Raw which, interestingly, will take place nearby her home in Nashville, Tennessee.

“I did hear Raw will be in Nashville, which is very interesting,” said Carter. “But I wouldn’t tell you either way.”