Eva Marie’s Racy Photos

Eva Marie

As seen on the second season of the E! reality series Total Divas, Eva Marie’s provocative past came back to bite her in the ass in a big way.

During the second episode of the season, Cameron felt the need to punish Eva Marie for what she felt was a slight — an inflated ego on the part of crimson-haired bombshell — by distributing a batch of risque pre-WWE modeling photos throughout the men’s locker room. As you would expect, these salacious photos immediately went viral, though Summer Rae was able to uncover the source.

“If they’re the photos that I think they are, they’re disgusting,” stated Eva Marie to Summer Rae upon being informed of the culprit. Eva added to Summer, “First of all, say it to my face. Don’t be a little rat and run around to everyone that I work with. If she has a problem, that’s fine, like come and address me. I just can’t believe it, that I don’t know, that she stooped to like that level.”

In her on-camera confession for Total Divas, Eva Marie stated, “I’m completely shocked and so caught off-guard because I don’t really know how many people she showed, but she definitely has no idea by just bringing them and showing these photos that I did when I was like twenty, how hurtful it is to me. She’s always saying that she tells it how it is, she comes up to your face. You know, she doesn’t need to talk behind your back, give me a break.”

Upon being confronted by an upset Eva Marie, Cameron remained remarkably derisive. While Naomi persuaded Cameron to apologize to Eva Marie for her spiteful actions, Eva Marie refused her phony plea and threw it back in the aspiring singer’s face.

Some fans are under the assumption that Eva Marie has posed nude for Playboy or a publication similar to that. The California native, when her hair was in its natural black state, posed nude for an independent photographer several years ago. In some of the lewd images, she puts her bare bottom on display while pulling her string bikini down below her nether regions. In other photos, she appears in a strategically covered manner. Her breasts are bared slightly through a yellow mesh top and she appears topless with her hands placed over her chest. This is believed to be the sole time where Eva participated in a pornographic photo shoot.

With Eva Marie appearing highly remorseful about her deep, dark past, don’t expect this red-headed bombshell to pose in her birthday suit ever again.

The Bella Twins Feel Eva Marie’s New Breast Implants

Eva Marie

As seen on Total Divas, Eva Marie had a health scare regarding her breast implants.

Noticing weird lumps and pain around the implants she’s had for ten years, she relays her fears to husband Jonathan Coyle, who insists they go to a doctor to see if it was a silicon rupture.

When they find out it is indeed a rupture and that surgery is needed immediately, Eva Marie is reluctant, despite Coyle’s very vocal concern.

Then Eva Marie has dinner with “Divas” co-stars The Bella Twins, and they encourage her to get the surgery right away and not be nervous.

The procedure goes well, and afterward, Eva Marie admits to Jonathan that he was right about getting the surgery right away, and she is really glad that she listened to him.

On the episode, Eva Marie shows off her new implants to Nikki and Brie Bella with both taking turns copping a feel.

Eva Marie

Eva Marie