How Much Does Nikki Bella Weigh?

Nikki Bella

While members of the WWE Universe often don’t expect to see the Divas struggle with body issues, it’s a subject Nikki Bella and her twin sister Brie Bella dealt with during an episode of Total Divas on E!.

It pretty much goes without saying that The Bella Twins are beautiful. Both Divas have amazing bodies, but during one breakfast with Eva Marie and JoJo, Nikki was struck hard by fans on social media. Eva Marie read out loud a fan comment on her Instagram account stating, “Nikki is sooooo the fat twin.” The comment stung Nikki, at least in part because, as she put it: “Why so many Os?” Well, that and because she is not at all fat.

To be honest, it is unclear what the producers of Total Divas wanted the audience at home to think, because the next time Nikki was shown, she was gorging on dessert while having supper with Brie and Daniel Bryan. Frustrated with her sister’s overindulgence with a paramount photo shoot on the horizon, Brie challenged her Nikki to participate in 20-day cleanse with her where alcohol and desserts were prohibited.

It was quite clear that Nikki was rejecting the cleanse when she tasted the green smoothies that Brie had based the diet on, referring to it as “the Go-Green-Go tastes like I’m eating someone’s garden.” When Nikki was not acting like herself when they were hanging out at her apartment that evening, Brie suspected shenanigans. Brie headed to the kitchen where she found a freshly emptied bottle of win. An upset Brie then remarked, “No wonder people on Twitter call you fat, Nicole!” The rift, however, didn’t last past the commercial break as the twin duo aired out their grievances to each other with Brie apologizing to Nikki.

While Nikki is billed at 125 pounds by WWE, in actuality, she is a bit heavier than that. Nikki admitted to her sister Brie on another episode of Total Divas that she weighs 135 pounds.