Footage Of Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair After WWE TLC Went Off The Air, Becky Drops “F-Bombs?”

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair both looked like they want more after Asuka captured the SmackDown Women’s Championship in the first-ever Women’s TLC Match.

In this exclusive video, Lynch is shown reacting to her title loss. Charlotte also appeared at the top of the ramp looking none too pleased about Ronda Rousey interfering in their match.

Rousey got involved in the final moments of the TLC main event and pushed them off a ladder to give Asuka an easy path to victory. 

Becky is also shown telling the crowd “I will be back” before heading backstage. 

According to fans near the entrance, Lynch dropped some “F-bombs” about getting the title back as she was heading backstage. Here is a fan-shot video of Lynch as she was heading backstage.

After seizing victory over Lynch and Flair, Asuka says she is now “The Man.”