Lars Sullivan Deletes Tweet On Being Called A “Disgusting Monster”

Lars Sullivan

Lars Sullivan isn’t bothered with being called a “freak” or a “disgusting monster.” He actually embraces it.

Sullivan sent out a tweet on Sunday (which has since been deleted) saying that he embraces the names since he doesn’t “belong in normal society.”

Sullivan tweeted, “I’m realizing more and more that I don’t belong in normal society. I’m a “grotesque genetic mutation”, “freak”, “disgusting monster”… I embrace it all. I’m sick. Whichever brand I choose to go on, the landscape will change immediately. You’re getting an angry freak of nature :).”

WWE is portraying Sullivan as a “free agent” who’s being pursued by Raw and SmackDown LIVE management. Here is their latest vignette, which aired last night at WWE TLC (after airing the week before on Raw and SmackDown LIVE).

While WWE has referred to Sullivan as “The Freak” since last year, they are now also calling him “grotesque.” The caption for the above video reads: “The grotesque Freak is coming soon.” 

WWE higher-ups originally planned on having Sullivan debut at the Royal Rumble, but Vince McMahon made an impromptu decision last month to begin hyping him up on television at the Survivor Series rather than now. This may still be WWE’s direction after Sullivan didn’t physically appear at TLC. There was talk last week of having Sullivan debut on the show by causing Braun Strowman to lose to Baron Corbin in their Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match.

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