What Goldberg Wanted His Name To Be In WCW, The Bella Twins Show Off Their Award (Video)


– Goldberg almost wasn’t Goldberg.

He almost had another name.

While appearing as a guest co-host on The Tomorrow Show, Sean Waltman told a story about Goldberg approaching him and Scott Hall at a WCW event for advice on his ring name.

“When Goldberg first started, he’d come up to Scott (Hall) and I (for advice). And he ran this idea by us about a name for himself, and he’s like, ‘What do you think of The Hybrid? I want to call myself The Hybrid.’ And we’re like, ‘Eh, The Hybrid, it’s kinda, eh, you know,'” Waltman said.

“And [Hall’s] like, ‘Why don’t you just use your name?’ And [Goldberg] goes, ‘My name’s Goldberg, that’s not cool.’ And [Hall] goes, ‘It is cool if you make it cool. If you’re cool, Goldberg’s cool.’ Sure enough.”

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