Homophobic Slur Made By Hulk Hogan Released

Hulk Hogan

– RadarOnline has released more comments from the tape that contained the racist comments made in 2006 and this time Hogan rants about a gay person he encountered at the home he grew up in.

Hogan was discussing his reality show, Hogan Knows Best with Heather Clem when he said:

“VH1 wanted me to do a big thing and go back to the house I grew up in.” Hulk says, discussing the Season Four finale of his show.

“So we knock on the door and a big f*g lives there now! This half-gay was enamored with Linda.”

The episode in question featured Hogan visiting the home he was raised in in Port Tampa. The home’s new owner welcomed Hogan and even gave him a small metal truck that was found in the garden, that once belonged to Hogan when he was a kid. Hogan continued his rant and ripped into ex-wife Linda Hogan, who he was still married to. Bubba the Love Sponge entered the room and Hogan said:

“Dude, the only thing I will ever ask of you … I don’t know how you will pull this off … is, if I am ever on my death bed, you cannot let Linda come and visit me.”

Hulk went on to bring up his home in Las Vegas, which he had bought for $4.25 million and watched grow in value to $5 million.

“If I get divorced, Linda will make me sell it.”

Hogan then referenced the “black billionaire” Cecile Barker again:

“F**k it. Cecile will buy it and give it back to me after the divorce!”

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