How Strong Is Big E?

Big E

Take one look at Big E and you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that he’s an accomplished powerlifter. Much of his in-ring moves and appeal focus around feats of strength including his finisher, the Big Ending. At the tender age of 24, Big E broke four Florida State powerlifting records in his 275-pound weight class. He also beat out the national deadlift record at the same event. Get this, at the event, Big E performed a 611 raw pound squat, a 490 raw pound bench press, and a 749 raw pound dead lift for a total of 1,851 raw pounds. The man’s a beast, and an accomplished beast at that.

In 2011, Big E competed at the U.S.A. Power lifting Raw Nationals in Scranton, Pennsylvania. At this event, he broke national records in the deadlift (799 raw pounds) and total raw weight lifted (2,039 raw pounds ) while competing in the super heavyweight division (+275 pounds). For those of you counting, that’s about four to five Big Shows. And while his National and American records were broken in 2011 and 2012, he still holds the USAPL Florida State records in deadlift and total weight lifted in the super heavyweight division as well as four power lifting records in the 275+ pound class.

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Big E and Lana Get Into It On Twitter

Big E

On Friday, Lana and Big E went at it on Twitter. It started with the WWE Diva bragging about her dance moves.

Lana tried to turn attention back to her ongoing issue with Summer Rae.