Hulk Hogan Return To WWE “Almost A Done Deal”

Hulk Hogan

Less than three years after being fired by WWE for an infamous rant, Hulk Hogan is reportedly nearing a return to the company.

That’s according to TMZ Sports, which reported Friday that Hogan and “high-ranking WWE officials have been in touch recently and it’s been positive.”

When WWE officials were making plans for the Greatest Royal Rumble in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, one of the members of the royal family specifically asked for Hulk to participate. Ultimately, Hulk didn’t go, but it triggered a dialogue between the two sides.

WWE parted ways with Hogan in 2015 after a profane, racist tirade from the wrestling legend about his daughter’s sex life was caught on tape and uncovered. Hogan used the N-word multiple times in the rant.

WWE moved swiftly to terminate his contract and scrub its website of all references to and images of Hogan. It said in a statement at the time that it was “committed to embracing and celebrating individuals from all backgrounds as demonstrated by the diversity of our employees, performers and fans worldwide.”

Now the two sides are reportedly intent on a reunion. TMZ Sports reports that WWE “wants to bring [Hogan] back into the fold,” but also wants to make sure it’s done “the right way,” given the inflammatory nature of his 2015 departure.

TMZ Sports says WWE was paying close attention to Hulk’s speech at the Boys & Girls Club on Wednesday night, which saw him inducted into the Boys & Girls Clubs alumni Hall of Fame and admit to his past mistake.

“With this foundation, I can be accountable. I can learn from my mistakes and I can move forward. And what’s so cool now is working with the Boys Club, I have a chance to help these kids not make the mistake I made, being at the wrong place at the wrong time or saying the wrong words,” Hogan said.