Hulk Hogan Was Backstage At SmackDown LIVE

Hulk Hogan

Three weeks after his apology to the WWE locker room, Hulk Hogan paid a visit to SmackDown LIVE.

The WWE Hall of Famer posed for a photo at the Amway Center with WWE Performance Center trainees Nasser Alruwayeh and Shadia Bseiso. Alruwayeh posted the photo on his Instagram page and wrote, “With the LEGEND at #SMACKDOWNLIVE.”

Hogan was also spotted outside the Amway Center, near the television production trucks.

The show emanated from Orlando, Florida, which is near Hogan’s home.

As has been reported, Hogan was backstage at WWE Extreme Rules on July 15 and apologized to the locker room. Some members of the locker room accepted his apology, while others, like The New Day and Titus O’Neil, didn’t.

In case you missed it, Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash were all spotted last Thursday wearing nWo T-shirts. Then on Saturday, Hogan teased a big announcement which seems to have something to do with the nWo.