Indy Promoter Asks For Someone To Check On Scott Hall After Missing Appearance On Saturday

Scott Hall

What happened to Scott Hall?

The WWE Hall of Famer was advertised to appear for DREAMWAVE Wrestling on Saturday in La Salle, Illinois, but was a no-show. Following this, DREAMWAVE Wrestling CEO Jay Repsel sent out a tweet asking for someone to check on Hall’s whereabouts. According to Repsel, Hall is not returning his calls or texts after failing to board a flight to the event.

Hall was advertised to appear alongside Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman at the event. Ultimately, only HBK and Nash appeared as Waltman also wasn’t able to make it for undisclosed reasons. Waltman, however, sent out an apology on Twitter and has agreed to appear at a show in December.

Hall last tweeted on Thursday, where he asked fans to buy WWE’s DVD on him.