Big E’s Instagram Account Gets Hacked (Photo), Latest On Lilian Garcia’s WWE Status

The New Day

– WWE has remained silent on Lilian Garcia’s status with the organization after the longtime ring announcer said earlier this week that she would no longer travel with them on a weekly basis

Garcia said in a post on her Instagram account that her father, who is battling two different types of cancer, “hasn’t been doing as well as we hoped,” and therefore will be looking to work closer to where she lives so that she can take better care of him.

Despite her announcement, Garcia has not officially been released by WWE. It is possible that she may not actually leave the company until sometime next year since that is when her current contract will expire.

– An Instagram account belonging to Big E was hacked earlier this week. While nothing explicit was posted, the username was changed and all of his photos were deleted.

Here is how his account appeared following the hack.

Fortunately for the WWE Superstar, he managed to retain his followers. You can now find him at