When Jason Jordan Found Out About Kurt Angle Storyline

Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan

Jason Jordan was only told about his role as Kurt Angle’s long-lost son last week.

This is according to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, who says this is why WWE has done little with American Alpha as of late, even though there had actually been hints about them getting a new storyline on SmackDown LIVE

For those that missed it, Angle announced on Raw that Jordan is his long-lost son. The backstory is Angle dated a woman in college and that woman gave birth to a baby boy nine months after their last date. Per the storylines, the boy was put up for adoption and taken in by two parents who taught him strong American values.

The reveal effectively breaks up American Alpha as a team, with Chad Gable remaining on SmackDown LIVE. Jordan is now officially a member of the RAW roster, where the option remains for Angle to return to the ring and team with him or even a feud between the two later on down the line.

Meltzer speculates there was a probably a decision to make between Jordan and Gable with it probably being partially a rib on Angle’s known past for dating black women. WWE did a storyline in 2005 where Angle had a thing for Booker T’s valet, Sharmell.