Jim Ross Talks to Chris Jericho About the Recent Incident with Sin Cara In the UK

Chris Jericho

As noted, Sin Cara and Chris Jericho were involved in a backstage fight this weekend as the RAW crew traveled from Leeds, England to Glasgow, Scotland. The incident reportedly began when Cara was making noises on the bus and wouldn’t stop. People were asking him to quiet down but he kept getting louder with the noises. Jericho confronted Cara but was told to “fuck off,” leading to a scuffle between the two. Jericho reportedly bit Cara’s finger. It was reported earlier today by Dave Meltzer that Cara, who was kicked off the tour bus, is being ordered to undergo anger management classes.

In his latest blog on jrsbarbq.com, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross wrote the following on the incident after speaking with Jericho:

Caught up with Chris Jericho Monday morning to check in regarding the reports of a ‘fight’ that Y2J had at a WWE event in the U.K. with Sin Cara. Chris said it was largely about nothing and that it resembled more of a scuffle than a full fledged fight. Sin Cara threw one punch and then the minor melee was broken up. Tensions often times rise on these extended, international tours which can bring out the worst in people. This scrap apparently occurred on the bus in route to Glasgow. At the end of the day, it was seemingly much to do about not that much on a slow news day online. (Bill Watts would have made the two fight to get the angst out of their systems. Cowboy did just that with Butch Reed and John Nord.)

BTW, it was nice catching up with Chris last week while we were both in LA on business, we share the same agent, as Chris and I may be teaming to do other projects in the future. Stay tuned.

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