Jinder Mahal On Earning Triple H’s Respect, How WWE Stacks Up Against The Competition

Jinder Mahal

The Times of India interviewed WWE Champion Jinder Mahal during his trip to India last week. Below are some highlights:

Triple H saying that he earned his respect:

“I heard what he said and saw the video clip as well and it is amazing. I grew up idolizing Triple H and to earn his respect is great; but what he said is true, nobody sees my 24 hours. I am first one in the gym, I do cardio before I have breakfast and I am training hard every day. I want to cement my own legacy and most importantly motivate the youth of India and make all of India proud. And make myself proud because I have disappointed myself in the past. I was released and I knew that I was getting a second chance and I cannot take that for granted. Every day in WWE is blessing and every day I have to outwork my competition. I cannot be complacent anymore and it is all or nothing and I am giving my all and the rewards speak for itself.”

How WWE stacks up against wrestling promotions around the world:

“WWE is a global juggernaut, it is the pinnacle. It is a global entity. You have superstars from Australia, China, Japan… It is the cream of the crop in WWE. Look at NXT, talent we have in NXT with Drew, Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, Authors of Pain and the women’s division. Kevin Owens has traveled the world and he ended in WWE. Nakamura wrestled all over the world, look where he is now in WWE. Someone like John Cena is a global figure. I would say he is one of the most recognizable people in the world and why is that – it is because of WWE.

“I encourage anybody who has never been to a WWE live event, especially in Delhi, come and watch, it is a family show, Kids can watch with their grandparents, the atmosphere during there shows is electrifying. It is unlike any sporting event, unlike any other concert. It is like the athletics of IPL mix with pageantry and theatrics of Bollywood and I believe it is the best form of entertainment.”

Mahal also discussed his time with 3MB, changes he’s made since his first WWE run, wanting to face John Cena at WrestleMania and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.