John Cena Continues To Call Out The Undertaker

Week after week, John Cena attempts to provoke The Undertaker, and The Deadman’s silence has spoken volumes.

Last Monday on Raw, Cena defeated The Phenom’s brother Kane in a No Disqualification Match, all the while attempting to antagonize his would-be WrestleMania opponent by using The Undertaker’s signature taunts and even a Chokeslam in his battle against The Big Red Machine.

The Undertaker only has tonight to respond to Cena’s challenge. Ahead of tonight’s Raw, Cena posted a number of posts on social media in recent days calling out “The Deadman.”

Here is what Cena posted on Twitter.

Over on Instagram, Cena did three posts today referencing The Undertaker’s past gimmicks.

Here is The Undertaker as The Commando, which is a gimmick he briefly used in the late 1980s.

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Cena also referenced Undertaker’s time as The Punisher, which was a masked persona similar to Texas Red. It was a gimmick he used on and off during the late 1980s while wrestling for different southern territories.

The photo of The Undertaker in a bandana is him as The Master of Pain, a character he used in 1989 in the USWA Memphis territory. The character was that of a man fresh out of the United States Penitentiary, Atlanta after serving five years (much in solitary confinement) for killing two men in a fight.

The third photo is how he looked in March 1990 during a brief stint in Japan, less than a year before he debuted as The Undertaker. While in Japan, he wrestled under the name Punisher Dice Morgan and teamed with Scott Hall, Bam Bam Bigelow and Nord the Barbarian (who would be known as The Berzerker in the World Wrestling Federation a little over a year later).

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Finally, Cena referenced The Undertaker’s “American Badass” persona.

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