Judge Makes Decision On Whether The Big Guy Can Legally Change His Name To Ryback Allen Reeves


After parting ways with WWE last month, Ryback began promoting himself as The Big Guy. He can now legally promote himself as Ryback.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, a judge officially approved the former WWE Superstar’s request to change his name.

A representative of the Clark County court in Nevada confirmed to the news outlet that Ryan Allen Reeves will be known as Ryback Allen Reeves in the eyes of the law.

Ryback revealed his request to match his real name with his wrestling identity in a podcast interview released last week.

“It’s not uncharted territory, but it kind of is too in a way. I legally went and changed my name to Ryback, for many reasons, one of which it was one thing that I did not own, and I created and I used before my time with WWE,” he said.

“And it is something that is associated with my brand and who I am that I am very proud of. So, I went through the proper steps in Clark County in Las Vegas. And it cost a little bit of money, and I go in front of a judge September 1st. But when this airs, you know, hopefully everything is approved and I would be known as Ryback Allen Reeves moving forward.”