Kaitlyn Wrestles Her First WWE Match Since 2014 (Photos and Video)


In her first taste of WWE action since January 2014, former Divas Champion Kaitlyn showed in the First-Round of the Mae Young Classic that she hasn’t lost a step.

While the returning Kaitlyn was greeted with open arms and chants of “welcome back” by WWE fans, Indian powerhouse Kavita Devi gave the former WWE Superstar a decidedly less warm reception, rejecting the customary pre-match handshake. Kaitlyn responded with rapid-fire legdrops in the opening moments, showing that she hadn’t lost a step since leaving WWE.

Devi used her strength (and a brutal chokeslam) to retaliate, but Kaitlyn refused to be stopped in her first match back. Kaitlyn blasted the NXT Superstar with a big shoulder block and a forearm. Then after nailing Devi with a cannonball splash in the corner, she used her signature Spear to garner the win.

In this post-match interview, Kaitlyn talks about feeling the pressure of competing in a WWE ring for the first time in over four years.