Kane Unmasked At WWE Crown Jewel (Video)


Not only did Kane lose at WWE Crown Jewel, but he also lost his mask (for a little bit).

Kane, teaming with The Undertaker, lost to Triple H and the returning Shawn Michaels. Towards the end of the chaotic main event, Michaels got up on the top rope, but Kane caught him. Michaels then starting throwing punches at Kane’s head, trying to gain some space. HBK knocked Kane away after a few punches and inadvertently, his mask as well (which has long hair attached to it).

Kane quickly covered his face but then went outside of the ring for the biggest spot of the match, where Michaels landed a moonsault from the top rope onto him and The Undertaker. With Kane laying outside, referee John Cone handed him his mask.

Kane was unmasked for about 40 seconds.