Karl Anderson On Thinking Finn Balor’s Demon Gimmick Would Flop

Finn Bálor

During a recent interview with Al Arabiya English, Finn Balor said that fellow WWE Superstar and Bullet Club alumnus Karl Anderson thought that the Demon gimmick would flop when he proposed it in Japan.

“Honestly, the first time the Demon came, and it wasn’t referred to as the Demon at that point — I just wanted to use body paint,” Balor said. “The first time I did that, I said to my best friend Karl Anderson that I’m going to do this thing. I explained to him what I was doing and he said, ‘Do not do that, you’re going to be laughed out of the building.’

“Obviously this didn’t happen. That the whole Demon character was designed for people to hate me more, and to be scared of me, and it kind of backfired in the sense that people kind of like it now.”

Anderson replied on Twitter, admitting that he was “completely wrong.”

“Friends can be honest with each other, that’s a good thing,” Anderson wrote. “Also, I was.. Uhhhhh… Obviously completely wrong.”