Ken Shamrock on How Brock Lesnar’s WWE Run Might Hurt His Upcoming UFC Return

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman

Former WWE Superstar and MMA legend Ken Shamrock recently appeared on The MMA Talk Show with Marc Charles to discuss Brock Lesnar’s upcoming return at UFC 200. Below are highlights, courtesy of

How Lesnar’s WWE run may hurt his UFC return against Mark Hunt:

“I appreciate people making decisions and doing things they want to do but I think he’s jumped back and forth too many times from wrestling to fighting, to wrestling to fighting. I mean this is his third time around I believe. I think it’s going to hurt him, it’s going to mess up his… you’ve got to have consistency.

“When you’re a professional athlete, you have to do something for a period of time. So if he continues to keep going – oh he did wrestling first and then he did MMA and then he goes back to wrestling and now he’s back to MMA again – I don’t think he’s really stabilized himself or set an example for himself in MMA. I mean he was there a short time, then he was gone. I mean he’s really done more in pro wrestling than he has done in anything else.”

Skepticism over Lesnar’s return:

“Well he should have put a little more work into his ground game with his submissions, defensive submissions, and definitely his striking. His striking is horrible. So I think he needed to pay a little bit more attention if he’s gonna come back. He needs to take some time and really focus on that and not just jump back into it because he’s a great wrestler because that’s just not going to get it for him in these days.”

“I think [the UFC and the WWE] are both gonna get something out of it, I’m just not sure it’s gonna be good for him. I hope it is. I really hope he wins because I’d hate to see him lose, even though I like Mark Hunt, but I’d hate to see him lose after having to come back and it doesn’t work out for him. I think it’s gonna hurt him more than it would Mark.”

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