WWE Interested In Signing An IMPACT Wrestling Star

WWE is in full-on acquisition mode, and one of IMPACT Wrestling’s brightest rising stars is in their crosshairs.

According to Dave Meltzer in this week’s issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, both WWE and New Japan Pro-Wrestling are interested in signing Killer Kross — real name Kevin Kross.

“Due to his size and look, both New Japan and WWE have interest in Killer Kross,” Meltzer wrote.

Kross is billed at six feet four inches tall and 265 pounds. A native of New York, he is 33 years and has been wrestling since 2014.

Kross made his IMPACT! debut on June 14 by revealing himself as the mystery “X “attacker. He assaulted Petey Williams after posing as a security guard and arresting him, who was accused of being the one behind the attacks.

After revealing himself as the mystery “X” attacker, Kross explained his motivations.

Kross is currently undefeated after working three television matches. A five-minute bout against Williams on IMPACT! on July 19 is his longest so far.

Kross recently formed a heel stable with Impact World Champion Austin Aries and Moose. Last night’s episode of IMPACT! concluded with Kross, Aries, and Moose assaulting KM.

Kross also works for Lucha Underground as The White Rabbit. After working dark matches since 2015, he made his television debut on July 11 by handing a wooden scepter to Paul London and ordering him to murder Mascarita Sagrada.

Much could depend on his Lucha Underground contract status. Ricochet’s WWE signing was held up by such matters, with Lucha Underground flexing legal muscle to keep him under contract until all of his taped matches had aired, and that took well over a year. He wrestled his final match for the company in June 2016, but it did not air until October 2017. After the match aired, he was free to go through the WWE signing process.

Still, such wranglings are a long way off and WWE and NJPW’s interest in Kross seems to be in its formative stage.

When he’s not wrestling for IMPACT Wrestling or Lucha Underground, Kross mostly works for Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide in Mexico and a few independent promotions in Los Angeles, California. This pinned tweet from Kross leads to his official website and YouTube channel.