Kevin Owens on Fans Thinking the John Cena Feud Was Bad for Him, Support from His Wife, More

Kevin Owens

– Kevin Owens recently spoke with Slam Wrestling to promote tonight’s WWE live event in Montreal. The full interview is at this link. Below are highlights:

The support he receives from his wife:

“I asked if I could come back to Montreal. My wife is so strong and gives all she got so I can have the career that I have. Without her support it would not be possible. Therefore, staying in Florida wasn’t an option. When I’m gone five days a week on the road, my wife needs some help, she can’t be in Florida alone with two young kids. She needs to have her family and my family nearby to give a hand sometimes. So going back to Montreal was essential. I also want my kids to know their grandparents, that’s important for us. The success I have in the WWE is due to my wife as much as anybody else, because without her, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Parts of the job that still seem unreal:

“I still have an appreciation for where I am right now. Last week, before Raw, I was sitting with Big Show and Steve Austin and we were just talking. I wasn’t just a fan listening to what the wrestlers had to say, I was part of the gang. We were talking about the business and it was just a treat for me because they were two guys I grew up watching on TV. I’m getting used to the schedule, but I haven’t lost that spark.”

Fans thinking his feud with John Cena was a negative for him:

“It definitely helped me working with Cena and anybody who thinks the opposite is delusional. When you worked with him on Raw and on PPV, how this can be bad? Whatever people said about me losing two matches out of three, at the end of the year, fans will remember the quality of the matches and how great these matches were way more than who won and who lost.”

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