Kurt Angle On Where He Ranks Among The Best, Chris Jericho’s Favorite Match, WWE Star Turns 30

Kurt Angle

During a Q&A on his Facebook page, Kurt Angle was asked where he places himself among the best wrestlers of all-time. The WWE Hall of Famer responded that including everything he did in TNA and Japan, he’s right at the top.

“At the very top,” Angle said. “Yes, I feel that way. It kind of sucks that my matches in TNA were just as good as the ones in WWE, but the WWE Universe didn’t see them. If you add my 11 years in TNA/Japan, plus my 7 year WWE run, then yes. I think most would agree with that. But, we all have our own opinions. That’s what is fun about debating. Hearing others’ opinions on it.”

– In a post on Instagram, Chris Jericho revealed his favorite match as a Ladder Match against Shawn Michaels at No Mercy 2008.

WWE posted the full match on YouTube last month and you can check it out here.

– Aiden English celebrates a milestone birthday today as he turns 30 years old.