Shane McMahon and Mick Foley Talk McMahon Family Relationships, Hell In a Cell, Leaving WWE, More

Shane McMahon

– We’re live from backstage at RAW in Baltimore as Mick Foley is joined by Shane McMahon. Foley says this is pretty big and Shane is excited. Foley was excited to get the call. He says he feels the need to tell everyone Steve Austin had a shoulder injury and he hopes to fill Austin’s big shoes. Foley and Shane say they’re ready to go and ready to tell all. Foley asks how it was returning after being gone for 7 years. Shane says it was humbling to return in Detroit that night. He wasn’t expecting that reaction. He gets goosebumps thinking about the crowd that night. Foley says there was respect from the fans that night, a lot of respect built up. He asks what it was like growing up the son of Vince McMahon and how his friends dealt with it. Shane says his dad was gone a lot growing up and like every child who has a father that is gone, you wanted them there. Shane says he missed his dad a lot because he was on the road a lot. He grew up always wishing Vince was around more. Foley says that’s almost universal among wrestling children. Shane admits his dad is iconic but it became a natural part of his life. He can’t imagine what it’s like for kids of major celebrities but he became used to it.

Foley asks when Vince got the most mad at Shane when he was a kid. Shane says there are several times but when he was 17, a friend came over on his Kawasaki motorcycle. Vince always told him to stay off the bike because he knew Shane was an adrenaline junkie. Shane got on the bike one day, wearing sneakers, no helmet and shorts. Shane says he was exceeding the speed limit by a lot and when he came back, his friends were there waiting. He didn’t know it but his dad was there working with Pat Patterson on a WWE show. Vince came out and told Shane’s friends goodbye, they got the point and quickly left. Shane says that was the angriest he saw his dad. He talks about how Vince and Pat always worked by the pool under a cabana. The joke was that people always had to come see them to do business and that person would always end up in the pool. Shane says he decided one time it needed to be his dad going in the pool. Shane hid in the bushes and pushed Vince in the pool, causing Vince to throw a tantrum in the air. Shane says Vince came flying out of the pool after him. Shane bailed in his car for the rest of the day until he called his mom to check on things. He says Vince was pissed because Shane embarrassed him. Foley says Shane has a lot of energy and can rub people the wrong way. He asks if that lead to bullying or problems with other kids. Shane says he was always anti-bullying and never had a problem with kids bullying him. He would never start a fight but could always handle himself.

Foley asks what it was like growing up around larger than life personalities in WWE. Shane talks about how it was interesting to see the business mature, going from a small armory to a global phenomenon. He says it’s impressive and he’s very proud of it. Foley was told that Superstar Billy Graham and Andre the Giant had a big influence on Shane. He says they did and he always wanted to be Andre’s partner. He told his dad he would grow up to be big like Andre, not small like his dad. He loved Graham’s whole shtick and says Graham would hang out with him a little in the locker room. Shane says he was like a mascot in the locker room and guys would always rib him. They go on and Foley brings up how Shane didn’t start at the top when he got involved in the family business and how it was important to Vince that Shane start at the bottom. He says that was his choice too. He started out learning on the ring crew very young. Shane says that was just one aspect, he also took jackets and ropes to the back. He learned to referee and listened to the psychology. He says some of the best learning while a referee came during Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard’s tag team matches. He did not know all along that he wanted to be an in-ring competitor, he always wanted to be involved in the business. Shane admits it’s important for him to be the best at what he does. He says it’s like that with his dad and sister too, adding that they have intense games of pool. Shane says he totally wanted to step into the ring because he never got to showcase his athletic talent. He wanted to play football in college but he had a knee injury and his dad sort of talked him out of it. The first time he got in the ring was with Dr. Tom Pritchard, who he praises. He also trained with Al Snow. The Network freezes up but after a reload, we come back to Shane talking about having fun in the ring with Foley. Shane jokes that tasting Mr. Socko wasn’t nice. Foley insists he always kept Socko clean.

Foley asks about Shane really being fearless but playing the guy who’s afraid of everything so well. Shane says he was playing a role and having fun in the business. He talks about winning the European Title from X-Pac at WrestleMania. Foley asks how important it was to have the respect of the boys in the locker room. Shane says extremely important and that’s always been instilled in him. Whether it meant going to get coffee or folding their jacket, taking ribs, keeping your mouth shut, never breaking kayfabe. He said it was extremely important then and it still exists today. Foley says Shane took things to the next level and became a fearless competitor, defying belief. Foley says Shane became a great in-ring wrestler and Shane thanks him. Foley says by the time Shane got to Kurt Angle at King of the Ring, people knew he had arrived and was a world-class performer. Foley asks why Shane felt he had to be that good when it wasn’t necessary. Shane says he always wanted to prove more and there’s something to being the son of the boss where he wanted to stand on his own and go the extra mile. That’s how more exciting things started happening in his matches. He expected it would be a short run, just a few matches, but people and himself wanted a little more, then a little more. He says a lot of it was pride, his own code and wanting to do better than last time. Shane says he wanted to steal the show every time. His favorite match, besides Hell In a Cell this year with The Undertaker, was Angle at KOTR. He says they accomplished a lot. It was an immense amount of fun and pride. Shane says walking through the curtain when it was over was amazing as they got a standing ovation, something that didn’t happen often. Angle was amazed also. They walked to the back and everyone was clapping for them and praising the match. Shane says that was one of the greatest feelings he will ever have. He had the blessing and the nod, the respect, from the boys in the back. He says that stuck with him.

Foley asks about the Montreal Screwjob with Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels in 1997. Shane says it had a very big build up. His dad was heart broken and distraught leading up to it. His dad really didn’t want things to go down, he was begging Bret. Vince was saying Bret leaving wasn’t healthy for the business but Bret had a different view. Shane says they had such an impasse that Vince made the ballsy call to protect the business. He says Vince truly begged Bret not to do it but Vince had to protect the business. Shane says he asked Vince was sure he wanted to walk into the locker room and he was. Vince wanted to go in and take it like a man in front of the boys. They knew Bret would punch Vince but he went in anyway. Vince walked in and Bret knocked him right in the jaw. Vince stumbled and sat for a minute, then everyone broke it up. Shane says Vince took it on the chin like a man should have and that’s how he is – he wanted to show everyone he did the right thing for the business and the right thing for Bret. Shane gives Vince props for the way he handled it. Foley says he just found out tonight that Gerald Brisco broke Vince’s ankle while trying to break things up.

Foley asks about the Monday Night War ending and being in Panama City that night. Foley says Stephanie McMahon was crying at the arena because it was over. Shane says they sent him “down there” and he wasn’t sure what kind of reaction he would get, even though some of the guys had already been in WWE. His dad wanted him to make it known that those who wanted to move on with the company had that shot. He said John Laurinaitis, who was in charge of WCW talent at that time, gathered everyone and Shane informed them of the purchase and that if they wanted to move forward, they had the chance. He said some gave him bad looks and others were happy. He says it was an awkward and tough setting. Foley says Shane and Vince had great chemistry. Shane says they still do. Foley talks about some of their segments and Foley always loved Vince’s attention to detail. Foley says he always heard Vince could be tough on Shane behind the scenes. Shane says tough isn’t the word for it. He talks about asking Vince to be his best man at his wedding. He says Vince was brutal backstage to him. His expectations are extremely high and on top of that, it’s more of Shane needing to be made an example. Shane says Vince was definitely tougher on him but it made him better to a point. He says every now and then everyone wants at least one pat on the shoulder but it very rarely came with Vince. Foley says that surprises him because he did get those pats from Vince. Foley says Vince is like a father figure to a lot of people in WWE and they’re all looking for his acceptance. Foley says it’s weird he got it more than Shane. Shane says Vince was a great dad, don’t get him wrong. Foley asks about Shane leaving WWE and asked if it was something he had been building to. Shane says it was and it was no different than Vince and his dad. He says his grandfather was against bringing in Hulk Hogan but Vince had his own ideas he wanted to do. Shane says Vince wasn’t open enough to his ideas. Shane says it stopped being a collaboration and stopped being fun. When that happened, he wasn’t going to allow a deteriorating business relationship to hurt their personal relationship and that’s what was happening. Shane says he couldn’t let that happen, he loves Vince too much and left. He talks about also wanting to go out and be successful on his own. He did that and is proud. That also allowed him to get fresh eyes on the business. It was shocking, bittersweet and extremely emotional when he informed Vince. Shane shook Vince’s hand, thanked him for everything and said he loved him but it wasn’t working anymore and their personal relationship is way more important. He says Vince was shocked, hurt, proud and all those emotions wrapped in one. He can’t speak for Vince but that’s how he feels. Foley feels Vince respected it. Shane looks at the decision as growth.

Foley asks how Shane’s relationship with Stephanie is. He says it’s fine, he loves her and he’s proud of what she’s done. Their relationship did not change at all when he left. The relationship with Triple H didn’t either. Foley asks if he would describe that relationship as strong. Shane seems hesitant and says Triple H makes his sister happy and he’s happy he does that. Foley asks if that’s evasive and Shane says it isn’t. He asks if there’s any contention there and Shane says there isn’t. Foley asks if the relationship is adversarial at all and Shane says not at all. Foley says he will accept that and Shane says it’s the truth, you can accept it or not. Foley asks how Shane felt about them getting married. At first, he really only cared about them being happy. It was more old school back then that the daughter of the boss never date a talent. What didn’t sit with him was that it was kept from him for so long and that didn’t feel good but they’re happy and that’s what is most important. Foley asks if there’s any jealousy over Stephanie’s progress in the business or any regrets on taking time off. Shane says zero. Foley asks what brought him back to WWE. Shane says a phone call from his dad and a phone call from The Undertaker. He always knew he would return but it would have to be under the right circumstances. He talks about wanting to perform in front of his children. He talked about it with his wife Marissa over the years and if the right scenario came up, he would do it. Shane says he just felt like it was the right time to come back.

Foley asks about the match again. Shane got the call from Vince around three weeks before the Detroit return and they talked about the match. He says he had a good friendship with The Undertaker and they would always talk about the possibility of a match. Foley says the company needed a big boost for this event and Shane says that’s why his dad called. Shane was flattered and humbled that Taker would gave the confidence and want to work with him. Shane told his wife that everything was right. Foley asks about the WrestleMania 32 entrance with his kids. Shane told his kids just about 7 minutes before they went out, asking if they would do the honor. Shane says it was one of the proudest moments of his life. Shane goes on and says the product is starting to get a buzz again and that he has a different mindset, a different view. He says he’s very excited about the buzz, which it needs for this generation and generations to come. Foley admits he was terrified before his Cell leap and if he could have gracefully got down, he would have. He calls it the worst decision he ever made and says Shane knew what price could be paid but did it anyway. They point out this Cell was higher than the one Foley used. Shane says they did it for similar reason – he felt the match needed it, he knew he wanted to do it from the announcement. Foley asks if Shane wanted to or needed to do the leap. Shane says he wanted to do it. Foley asks if Shane likes where the current product is headed. Shane says since they control the WWE Network, they will go a little long with the podcast. Shane says he’s so proud of the match with Taker. After the match was over, he came through the Gorilla Position, hugged his dad and broke down. Shane says he was a sobbing mess. Shane says all the emotions came through and they were both embracing, crying. Shane says WrestleMania was special because his whole family was there. Shane says he got one of his first pats on the back that night. Foley says WWE is about creating magic moments and they did it that night. They wrap the podcast and Foley thanks Shane, then thanks the viewers before signing off.

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