WWE RAW Report 2/5

– Tonight’s WWE RAW from Des Moines opens with Michael Cole welcoming us. He’s joined by Corey Graves and Jonathan Coachman. Cole hypes tonight’s Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt Elimination Chamber qualifier. We cut backstage to Wyatt, who talks about how he won the WWE Title in the Chamber last year and there’s just one person standing in his way this year, his nemesis Reigns. Wyatt goes on and says he sees Reigns fro what he truly is, a failure waiting to be put out of his misery. Wyatt says he’s happy to oblige. Wyatt goes on until we cut backstage to Roman Reigns’ response. Reigns says a failure is someone who can’t deal with adversity, someone who gets knocked down and stays down. Reigns says he’s had his fair share of ups & downs but that’s the sign of a great journey, not a failure. Reigns goes on and says his Road to WrestleMania 34 stops with a trip to Suplex City. Reigns says Wyatt or Brock Lesnar can’t stop him from becoming WWE Universal Champion.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns

We go right to the ring as Bray Wyatt makes his way out. Roman Reigns is out next to a very mixed reaction.

The bell rings and they lock up. Wyatt takes it to the corner and they break. Wyatt keeps control but Reigns drops him first with a shoulder. Wyatt fights out of a headlock but misses in the corner. Wyatt turns upside down and taunts Reigns from the corner. Wyatt talks more trash but Reigns charges and runs into a boot. Reigns rocks Wyatt as he goes to the second rope. Reigns puts Wyatt on his shoulders but he fights out. Reigns charges but ends up running into the ring post as Wyatt moves. Wyatt takes Reigns down for a 2 count as we see Matt Hardy backstage watching.

Wyatt keeps Reigns grounded with a headlock now. Reigns finally fights out and unloads on Wyatt. Reigns with a big clothesline. Wyatt goes to the floor for a breather. Reigns goes to the floor for the Drive By but Wyatt counters it and puts him down. Wyatt turns it around on the floor and sends Reigns into the steel ring steps. Wyatt stands tall over Reigns as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Wyatt has Reigns grounded. Reigns finally fights up and out with a Samoan Drop but he can’t get the pin. Reigns gets up first and unloads in the corner with big shots as fans count along. Wyatt counters and goes for the Uranage but it’s blocked. They run the ropes but Wyatt launches himself at Reigns with an elbow and they both go down. Wyatt with a 2 count.

Wyatt works Reigns over a bit and they go to the corner. Wyatt climbs up for a superplex but can’t get it. He has to climb back up and talks some trash but Reigns fights back with headbutts. Reigns slides down and brings Wyatt to the mat with a sitdown powerbomb. Wyatt kicks out at 2. They’re both down again. Reigns waits for Wyatt and goes for the Superman Punch but it’s blocked. Wyatt with the Uranage and the senton for a close 2 count. Wyatt can’t believe it.

Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail but it’s blocked. Reigns rolls Wyatt up for a 2 count and comes right back with a Superman Punch for a close 2 count. Reigns calls for the Spear this time but Wyatt boots him in the head. Wyatt with Sister Abigail for a close 2 count. Wyatt mounts Reigns with elbows to the back of the head. Wyatt picks Reigns up for another Sister Abigail but Reigns starts to resist and overpower Wyatt. Some fans boo. They run the ropes and Reigns hits the Spear for the win. Reigns is going to the Chamber.

Winner: Roman Reigns

– After the match, Reigns stands tall and celebrates as we go to replays. We come back to Reigns heading up the ramp as we see the WrestleMania 34 banner hanging high. Matt Hardy suddenly hits the ring and waits for Wyatt to get up. Matt lays Wyatt down with a Twist of Fate and celebrates, getting a “delete!” chant going as his music hits.

– Seth Rollins is backstage with Jason Jordan. Rollins says this is their final title shot from The Bar and he wants to make sure Jordan doesn’t do anything that blows it. Jordan says he’s 100%, he’s talked to his dad and doctors have cleared him. Jordan says Rollins has no worries. Rollins says this isn’t about him or Jordan, it’s’ about what they can do together. Rollins wants them to go out there and take back their tag team titles.

– Still to come, Jordan and Rollins vs. The Bar. Also, John Cena vs. Elias vs. Braun Strowman to determine the final Chamber entrant. Back to commercial, including promos from Mandy Rose & Goldust and Naomi & SmackDown Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso to promote this week’s Mixed Match Challenge bout.

Finn Balor and Karl Anderson vs. The Revival

Back from the break and we see Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows wrapping their entrance. They wait at ringside as Finn Balor comes out to join them, completing The Balor Club. The Revival are out next for a singles match, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder.

Dawson takes the mic and says he and Dash are The Revival, in case we haven’t been paying attention. Dawson says they are tag team specialists. He and Dash are shadows. Dawson proposes a tag team match for tonight and Dash agrees. Dash tells Balor to choose one of his little Club buddies so The Revival can show them how it’s done. The Balor Club talks it over and we’ve got a tag team match now. Anderson starts off with Dash but Dawson immediately tags in and they go at it.

Dawson takes control in the corner and works Anderson over. Dawson blocks a hip toss and drops Anderson with a shoulder. Anderson turns it around and takes down Dash as he runs in. Balor hops in and they double team both members of The Revival, clearing the ring. Anderson and Balor do the “too sweet” as they stand tall in the ring. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and The Revival takes turns on Balor, keeping him near their corner. Balor tosses Dawson to the floor but he can’t make the tag as Dash comes in and stops him. Dawson ends up keeping Balor grounded as he comes back in, working on the arm. Balor counters and nails a double stomp. Dash comes right in and tries to stop the tag but Balor gets it.

Anderson comes in and unloads on Dash, nailing a dropkick. Anderson knocks Dawson off the apron and goes back to work on Dash. Anderson with a flying neckbreaker from the corner. Dawson turns it around with a cheap shot from the apron. Dawson tags in but Anderson immediately nails a Spinebuster. Dash breaks the pin. Anderson ends Dash over the top to the floor. Anderson drops Dawson with a kick. Balor tags in and unloads on Dawson now, hitting a Slingblade and a big dropkick into the corner. Balor goes to the top and hits Coup de Grace on Dawson. Balor covers Dawson while Anderson keeps Dash down on the floor.

Winners: Finn Balor and Karl Anderson

– After the match, Gallows hits the ring and celebrates with the winners as we go to replays.

– Still to come, the female Elimination Chamber opponents for Alexa Bliss will be revealed. Also, Asuka vs. Bayley.

– We see Sasha Banks backstage watching her recent loss to Asuka on RAW. Bayley walks up and says this is the 20th time Banks has watched that match, she’s being too hard on herself. Banks says the moment she stops being hard on herself, she stops being her. She talks about coming close to beating Asuka and says she needs to start reminding everyone that she is The Boss. She knows she can beat Asuka. Bayley asks if she has any tips for tonight but Sasha is going to keep them to herself. Bayley gets it and says the Elimination Chamber will be every woman for herself, just like the Royal Rumble was. Sasha agrees and says she did what she had to do, and she will go on to win the Chamber and defeat Asuka at WrestleMania 34, if Kurt Angle puts her in the Chamber. They go back & forth on who can beat Asuka. Bayley says she does know that she can beat Sasha and Asuka. Bayley walks off and we go to commercial.

Tony Nese and Drew Gulak vs. Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander

Back from the break and all 4 cruiserweights are in the ring. New WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick is on commentary and Cole acknowledges that his former name is Rockstar Spud.

Tony starts off with Ali and they go at it. Nese unloads and shows off some. Ali ends up turning it around as he gets a tag to Cedric. They double team Nese. Nese turns it around on Cedric and covers for a quick pin attempt. Gulak tags in for a quick double team and a 2 count on Cedric. Nese with a double team on Cedric and a big clothesline before another pin attempt as Ali runs in for the save. Nese keeps Cedric grounded with a body scissors now.

Cedric gets boots up in the corner as Nese charges in twice. Ali and Gulak tag in at the same time and go at it. Ali unloads and hits a tornado DDT for a 2 count as Nese breaks it up. Nese gets sent to the floor. Cedric runs the ropes and nails a big dive to Nese on the floor. Ali ends up hitting a crossbody on Gulak but he rolls through for a 2 count. Gulak with a big clothesline. Cedric tags in and springboards in with a flying clothesline to Gulak. Cedric with the Lumbar Check on Gulak for the pin.

Winners: Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali

– After the match, Ali and Alexander stand tall as we go to replays. We see the vacant WWE Cruiserweight Title at ringside as Maverick and the announcers hype the tournament matches on this week’s 205 Live episode – Kalisto vs. Lince Dorado and Hideo Itami vs. Roderick Strong.

– We see Kurt Angle and Alexa Bliss backstage talking. Angle walks off to the ring as we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and JoJo introduces RAW General Manager Kurt Angle.

Angle comes to the ring and talks about making history with the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match and how they will next make history with the first women’s Elimination Chamber match. Angle announces the 5 opponents for RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss – Bayley, Mandy Rose, Sasha Banks, Mickie James and Sonya Deville. Angle also announces Nia Jax vs. Asuka in singles action for the Chamber pay-per-view. If Jax wins the match, she will be added to the match at WrestleMania 34 to make it a Triple Threat – Asuka vs. Jax vs. the RAW Women’s Champion. The music interrupts and out comes current champion Alexa Bliss and she doesn’t look happy.

Bliss says she’s sorry but this needs to stop. She tried to be a good sport but what Angle is doing is wrong and completely unjust. Bliss goes on and accuses Ange’s bad decision of being against company policy on equality. She rants about how the title is on the line in the women’s Chamber match while Brock Lesnar does not have to defend in the men’s Chamber. She asks why she doesn’t get the same privilege. Is it because she’s just a woman? Angle says Lesnar defended his title at the Royal Rumble and he doesn’t know what Bliss is trying to pull here. Angle says the last time Bliss defended was at TLC. Bliss says that’s not her fault, she just wonders why Angle is treating the men’s champion different. She asks if Angle values Lesnar more than her. She goes on and says Angle is being sexist. Angle defends himself and says Bliss is trying to weasel herself out of the Chamber. He’s going to ask the audience – do they want to see Bliss defend the title in the Chamber? They do. Bliss rants about respect and leaves the ring. Angle asks fans again if they want to see Bliss defend and they do.

– We get a Twitter video from John Cena to hype his Road to WrestleMania 34. Still to come, Cena vs. Elias vs. Strowman. Also, The Miz vs. Apollo Crews in a Chamber qualifier and The Bar vs. Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan with the titles on the line.

– Back from the break and we get a Black History Month video.

Asuka vs. Bayley

We go to the ring and out first comes Asuka. Bayley is out next.

They lock up to start. Back and forth for a few minutes as they tangle. Asuka with the first takedown and real offense. They face off in the middle of the ring and Asuka yells but Bayley doesn’t back down. Asuka with more offense. Bayley ends up knocking Asuka from the top to the floor. Bayley jumps through the ropes but Asuka catches her. Bayley counters that and takes Asuka down on the floor. Bayley brings it back into the ring but Asuka knocks her off the apron with a hip attack.

Asuka goes to the floor but Bayley sends her shoulder-first into the barrier. We go to commercial with both Superstars down on the floor.

Back from the break and Bayley keeps control for a 2 count. Bayley drops elbows now. Asuka finally turns it around and drops Bayley. Asuka with more offense and a sliding knee for a 2 count. Asuka goes to the top for a crossbody but Bayley moves and Asuka hits the mat. Bayley floors Asuka for a 2 count.

Bayley takes Asuka to the apron for a neckbreaker but Asuka locks in the Asuka Lock. Bayley uses the ropes to break the hold. Bayley knocks Asuka back onto the floor. Asuka with a knee to the face, dropping Bayley on the floor. Asuka brings Bayley back into the ring and covers for a 2 count. Asuka with kicks while Bayley is on her knees now. Bayley catches a kick for a 2 count. Asuka ends up blocking the Bayley-to-Belly suplex. More back and forth. Bayley rolls Asuka up for a 2 count. Asuka comes right back and drops Bayley into the armbar for the win.

Winner: Asuka

– After the match, Asuka recovers first as her music hits. We go to replays. Asuka and Bayley face off in the ring and end up shaking hands before Asuka leaves.

– We get a Twitter video from The Bar, recorded earlier. They’re confident about retaining their titles later tonight. Still to come, Apollo Crews vs. The Miz in a Chamber qualifier. Back to commercial.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: The Miz vs. Apollo Crews

Back from the break and out comes WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz with Bo Dallas. Curtis Axel is on vacation this week.

Miz takes the mic and starts bragging about beating Roman Reigns in his first match and everything else he’s done. He goes on and takes credit for the Philadelphia Eagles winning the Super Bowl. He talks about wining tonight’s qualifier and says the “Miz & Mrs.” cameras will be rolling at WrestleMania 34, and his daughter will be born just in time to see the first ever WWE Intercontinental & Universal Champion, The Miz. The music interrupts and out comes Apollo Crews with Titus O’Neil and Dana Brooke. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Crews drops Miz for a 2 count. Crews with more offense and another pin attempt as his Titus Worldwide partners look on. Miz ends up coming off the top rope but Crews dropkicks him in mid-air for another pin attempt. More back and forth between the two. Crews presses Miz high and drops him. Crews goes for the standing moonsault but Miz drops him over his knees for a 2 count. Miz keeps Crews grounded with a scissors now, right in front of Titus and Dana. Crews fights up and out, flooring Miz with a kick after running the ropes.

Crews with more offense, including another kick to the head. Crews kips up and nails an enziguri for another 2 count. Miz slides out of a move and moves when Crews charges in the corner. Miz charges and hits the corner clothesline but Crews counters with a belly-to-belly suplex. Crews with the standing moonsault and the standing Shooting Star Press but Miz still kicks out at 2. Titus and Crews can’t believe it.

Miz takes advantage of the referee and takes out Crews’ knee but Crews comes back for another close 2 count. Miz ends up bouncing the injured knee off the top rope and Crews goes down. Miz nails the Skull Crushing Finale for the win and the Chamber spot.

Winner: The Miz

– After the match, Miz stands tall as Dallas joins him in the ring. They leave as Titus comes in to check on Crews.

– Seth Rollins approaches Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan backstage, asking what’s wrong as Jordan is rubbing his neck. Jordan says he can’t compete tonight. He was warming up and everything was fine until he felt something in his neck. Jordan says he went to the trainers to get checked out and they told hm he can’t compete. Angle says Jordan is telling the truth. Rollins can’t believe this and asks Angle what he should do as their match was next. Angle suggests he forfeit the match but Rollins doesn’t like that. Roman Reigns walks up and nothing is said but he walks off with Rollins. Jordan and Angle watch them as we go back to commercial.

RAW Tag Team Title Match: Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins vs. The Bar

Back from the break and out first are RAW Tag Team Champions The Bar, who aren’t happy about Jason Jordan’s replacement. Seth Rollins is out next to a pop. Rollins waits as Roman Reigns joins him to a mixed reactions. Rollins and Reigns hit the ring and pose in the corners as The Bar looks on upset. We get formal ring introductions from JoJo.

Rollins starts things off with Sheamus and they go to the mat. They tangle real quick and go back to their feet to lock up. Sheamus takes control with a headlock. Sheamus drops Rollins with a shoulder and shows off some. They run the ropes again and Rollins hits a crossbody and more offense. Cesaro tags in and goes to work on Rollins. Cesaro with a big uppercut into the corner and a tag to Sheamus. The Bar double teams Rollins in the corner for a minute. Cesaro taunts Reigns now.

Rollins counters Cesaro and kicks him, freeing him to tag Reigns. They quickly double team Cesaro and Reigns covers for a 2 count. Rollins tags in and they double team Cesaro with the same double team move The Bar last used, mocking them. Rollins can’t get the pin on Cesaro but he keeps him in their corner with more offense. Reigns tags back in for more double teaming. Sheamus runs in but Reigns rocks him with a right hand. Rollins clotheslines Sheamus to the floor.

Rollins runs the ropes and hits a dive but Sheamus catches him and hits an Irish Cure backbreaker on the floor. Cesaro takes advantage of a distracted Reigns and hits a running uppercut in the corner on him. Cesaro tosses Reigns to the floor and Sheamus launches him into the barrier. The Bar stands tall over Reigns on the floor as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Sheamus works over Reigns in the corner. Fans chant for Rollins. Cesaro with a cheap shot on Reigns. Sheamus takes Reigns back to the mat and keeps him grounded. Cesaro comes back in and keeps up the attack on Reigns. Cesaro distracts the referee, allowing Sheamus to kick Reigns in the face. Cesaro with a big uppercut for another 2 count. Sheamus brings Reigns out but Reigns fights his way back into it and unloads on both opponents. After another close 2 count Reigns comes back and sends Cesaro to the floor. Sheamus fights Reigns and lifts him for the assisted White Noise as Cesaro comes off the top. Reigns still kicks out at 2.

Reigns ends up hitting the Samoan Drop to block the Gotch Neutralizer. Fans pop as Reigns goes for a tag but Sheamus tags in and knocks Rollins off the apron. Sheamus turns around to a Superman Punch from Reigns. Fans boo as Jason Jordan comes walking down to ringside, encouraging Rollins to get back on the apron and he does. Rollins tags in as does Cesaro. Rollins springboards in and unloads, also knocking Sheamus off the apron. Rollins with a Blockbuster on Cesaro and a suicide dive to Sheamus on the floor. Rollins takes out Cesaro again and sends him to the floor as fans pop. Rollins runs the ropes and hits Cesaro with another dive, sending him over the barrier and into the front row.

Rollin returns to the ring and hits a Slingblade on Cesaro for a close 2 count. Rollins goes for the Blackout curb stomp but Cesaro moves. Cesaro uppercuts Rollins while he’s sitting on the top. Rollins counters and hits a big suplex into a Falcon Arrow for another close 2 count in the middle of the ring. Fans chant “this is awesome” now. Cesaro with a thumb to the eye while Sheamus has the referee distracted on the apron. Jordan grabs Cesaro’s leg, allowing Rollins to land another close 2 count. Rollins drops Rollins but Sheamus runs in and breaks the pin up. Reigns approaches Jordan and orders him to the back, saying they’ve got this. They argue a bit. Rollins fights off both Cesaro and Sheamus now. Reigns tags in and gets hyped up with Rollins for the big powerbomb. Cesaro pulls Sheamus to safety. They grab the titles and try to walk out but Jordan stops them at ringside. Jordan blocks a right hand from Cesaro and hits him. Jordan then decks Sheamus as the referee calls for the bell.

Winners by DQ: The Bar

– After the bell, Rollins and Reigns look on from the ring and they’re shocked. Cesaro and Sheamus retreat to the ramp, laughing at their opponents and Jordan. Fans chant “you suck” at Jordan. The music hits as The Bar laughs and celebrates on the stage. We go to replays. The Bar continues their celebration as we see Rollins arguing with Jordan at ringside.

– We get a Twitter video from Braun Strowman after we see how he destroyed Kane last week. Braun says he will be the Last Man Standing match tonight, at Elimination Chamber and then at WrestleMania 34. Still to come, Cena vs. Elias vs. Strowman.

– We get more hype from this week’s Mixed Match Challenge teams, Goldust & Mandy Rose and Naomi & SmackDown Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Seth Rollins is arguing with Jason Jordan backstage. Kurt Angle gets in between them. Rollins says the only thing he’s sorry for is not legitimately hurting Jordan when he had the chance. Rollins calls Jordan a selfish son of a bitch. Angle orders Jordan to go home until he’s cleared. Jordan tries to argue but Angle insists. Rollins has already stormed off.

Nia Jax vs. Vanessa Floyd

The bell rings and Jax shoves enhancement talent Vanessa Floyd around and tosses her into the corner. Jax runs into a kick and a quick bit of offense, including a dropkick, but Nia floors the woman and yells at her. Nia manhandles Vanessa and splashes her in the corner. Jax with more offense and a big standing press. Jax drops Vanessa to the mat and hits the big leg drop for the easy win.

Winner: Nia Jax

– After the match, Jax stands tall as we go to replays. Renee Young enters the ring for comments on the Chamber match against Asuka, which will see Jax fight for a spot in the title match at WrestleMania 34. Jax says she’s the only woman in WWE that doesn’t fear Asuka and the only one that Asuka can’t beat. Jax says she’s going to mess Asuka’s pretty little face up so bad that she will need to wear the mask permanently. Jax says Asuka won’t be The Empress of Tomorrow when she’s done with her, she will be The Empress of Yesterday. Jax leaves the ring as her music hits.

– We see how Elias dropped John Cena two weeks ago. Still to come, Elias vs. Cena vs. Strowman. Back to commercial.

Sonya Deville vs. Mickie James

Back from the break and out comes Absolution’s Paige, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Mickie James is out next.

Lots of back and forth to start. Mickie takes control and unloads on Deville. Deville may have suffered a busted nose. Mickie with more quick offense and a 2 count.

Deville looks to turn it around but runs into an elbow in the corner. Rose gets on the apron and provides a distraction, allowing Deville to turn it around as she brings Mickie to the mat from the top on the back of her neck. The referee checks on Mickie but Sonya beats her around. Sonya keeps control and nails a running knee to the face for another pin attempt.

Mickie fights back from her knee but Deville continues hitting her with strikes. Mickie comes back and rolls Deville up for the win out of nowhere.

Winner: Mickie James

– After the match, Absolution hits the ring as Paige barks orders while Mandy and Sonya double team Mickie. RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss runs down and pulls Mickie out of the ring to safety. No one can figure out why Bliss has made the save for Mickie. Bliss helps a confused Mickie up the ramp as Absolution looks on from the ring.

– We see Elias backstage with his guitar. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and a Second Chance Fatal 4 Way is announced for next week’s RAW to determine the final Chamber spot for the male Superstars – Bray Wyatt vs. Matt Hardy vs. Finn Balor vs. Apollo Crews.

– Elias is out to the ring with his guitar. He talks about going all the way with the Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 34, then starts in on his latest song. Elias sings and takes shots at Braun Strowman, John Cena and WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. He’s finally interrupted by the music as John Cena comes out.

Triple Threat: John Cena vs. Elias vs. Braun Strowman

Cena hits the ring to determine who will make their entrance last at #6 in the Elimination Chamber match. Braun Strowman is out last.

The bell rings and all three Superstars size each other up. Elias goes to the floor for a breather. Cena and Braun go at it but Braun drops Cena and stands tall. We go to commercial with Cena down while Elias circles around at ringside.

Back from the break and Strowman has Cena down in the ring. Elias tries to come in but goes right back out and Strowman follows. Braun keeps control with both opponents down on the floor. Cena and Elias end up double teaming Strowman in the ring, clotheslining him over the top to the floor. They follow and run Braun into the ring post, dazing Braun. They drive Braun into the post one more time and he’s down to one knee now. Cena and Elias look at each other and have an understanding to take Braun out. They drive Braun into the steel ring steps now and he goes down.

Cena grabs half of the steps and drives them into Braun’s face but he’s still up. Elias with a guitar shot across the back but Braun is still up. Cena with an Attitude Adjustment on the steel steps at ringside. Elias drops Cena from behind. Elias brings Cena into the ring and covers for a close 2 count. Elias stomps away on Cena now. Elias with more offense and a 2 count on Cena. Fans do dueling chants for Cena now.

Elias lifts Cena but Cena fights back. Elias with a backbreaker for a 2 count. Elias keeps control and keeps Cena grounded in the middle of the ring now. Braun is still down at ringside due to the AA.

Cena breaks free and hits the shoulder and the backdrop now. Cena calls for the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Elias but Braun runs in and scoops Cena for a big powerslam. Elias blocks a powerslam and kicks Braun out of the ring. Elias steals the pin on Cena and gets the win to earn the #6 Chamber spot.

Winner: Elias

– After the bell, Elias stands tall but Braun immediately hits the ring and slams him. Braun isn’t done as he delivers another running powerslam to Cena. Fans chant “one more time” as Braun stands tall while Cena and Elias are both down. Braun scoops Elias and powerslams him in the middle of the ring. We get replays and see Braun standing tall with the WrestleMania 34 sign hanging high. Braun’s music has stopped but he hits the corners to pose and the fans want more. Braun gives them what they want and delivers another running powerslam to Cena in the middle of the ring. Braun leaves the ring and brings Elias back in. Braun scoops Elias and delivers one more running powerslam. Braun’s music hits again as he leaves the ring. RAW goes off the air with Cena and Elias down in the ring.

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