WWE RAW Report 7/3/17

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– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with a video package on the recent drama between Enzo Amore and Big Cass.

– We’re live from the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix with Michael Cole, Corey Graves and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.

– We go right to the ring and out comes Enzo Amore. He gets fired up when talking about Big Cass. Their match at Great Balls of Fire is now official. Enzo also mentions Conor McGregor again. Enzo goes on and says he may not be the biggest but without a doubt he is one of the toughest to step through the ropes in a long time. Enzo says he’s been knocked down time after time but he keeps getting up because he’s a certified G. Enzo goes on about how confident he is but more than anything else, he’s grateful.

Enzo keeps talking and says he’s going straight to the top, he’s reaching new heights and he’s done catching feelings. Enzo says he’s crawled out of holes way taller than 7 feet. Enzo says Cass is nothing but a 7 foot catchphrase that Enzo wrote. Enzo says he’s where the money is at, not Cass and Cass shouldn’t be surprised if his merchandise check says “zero dimes!” next quarter. Enzo looks to wrap the promo and his music hits but he picks the mic back up and says he’s not done. He talks about how he and Cass were brothers, they were ride or die, but now that part of his life is dead because it rolled down his face as a gangster tear. Enzo says the big boot of Cass touching his lips was like CPR. He goes on, makes a reference to his new bandana and Tupac, and ends it by saying it’s all about Enzo now. Enzo leaves as his music hits.

– Charly Caruso is backstage with Big Cass for his reaction. Cass says he’s never heard someone talk so much without saying anything. Cass says Enzo won’t be able to walk the walk after Sunday because he won’t be able to walk at all. Cass goes on until Enzo attacks from behind and beats him down. Referees and officials separate things.

– We go to the announcers to talk about what just happened. They send us to the ring.

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss

We go to the ring and out comes Sasha Banks. Her partner Bayley is out next. They head to the ring together as JoJo makes the introductions. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and out first comes Nia Jax. RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss is out next. Nia starts off with Bayley and takes control but in comes Sasha for some double teaming. Sasha ends up sending Nia to the floor but she’s still standing. Nia launches Bayley from the apron to the barrier and makes her way in to Sasha. Nia goes back and floors Bayley again before we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Bayley has been taken out of the match. Sasha works over Bliss now. Sasha fights off Bliss and Nia but misses the double knees into the corner. Bliss tags in Nia and she catches Sasha in a backbreaker. Nia drops two elbows and covers for a 2 count.

Bliss comes back in and works over Sasha before making another quick tag to Nia. Nia keeps control and applies a bear hug. Sasha fights out but Nia launches her into the corner. Bliss tags back in and keeps Sasha down by standing on her as the referee warns her. Sasha gets up and rocks Bliss but Bliss drops her. They trade shots but Bliss talks some trash and slams her. Bliss misses a knee drop. Banks comes back with a running knee. Sasha keeps it up on Sasha and knocks Nia off the apron with a kick to the knee.

Sasha with more offense on Bliss before dropping her into the Banks Statement for the win.

Winners: Sasha Banks and Bayley

– After the match, Sasha goes to the ramp and celebrates as the other two look on from the ring. We get a replay as Sasha’s music hits.

– RAW General Manager Kurt Angle is backstage on the phone when Braun Strowman walks in and asks about Roman Reigns not being able to compete on Sunday. Angle says he’s heard Reigns will be there at Great Balls of Fire. Braun says Angle’s sources are wrong, he was there and felt Reigns go limp. Braun wants to know what Angle is going to do because he wants competition. Angle says Reigns will be there but he’s not sure if anyone in the locker room wants to face Braun this close to a pay-per-view. Braun says he will be going to the ring for competition later and Angle better figure something out. Braun walks off.

– Still to come, a special interview with Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar. We go back to commercial with a promo for John Cena’s return to SmackDown tomorrow night.

– Back from the break and Cole leads us to a look at Joe vs. Lesnar. Back to commercial.

Noam Dar vs. Cedric Alexander

Back from the break and out comes Cedric Alexander. We see what happened with he and Noam Dar on WWE 205 Live last week. Cedric says he feels like a broken record when talking about the drama between he, Dar and Fox. He calls Dar out and says he will put him in a neck brace and send him packing to Fox tonight. Dar’s music hits and out he comes to the stage. Alicia’s music hits and out she comes wearing a neck brace. They head to the ring together.

The bell rings and Cedric takes control early on as Fox talks trash from ringside. She gets in between Cedric and Dar, allowing Dar to return to the ring. Cedric goes back in and ends up getting dropped by Dar for a 2 count.

Dar keeps control but Cedric turns it around. Fox gets on the apron and distracts him. Dar tries to take advantage but Cedric hits the Lumbar Check for the win and taunts Fox while in the pin.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

– After the match, Cedric celebrates and makes his exit as we get replays. Fox rips off her neck brace and throws a fit.

– The announcers show us media mentions of last week’s MizTV segment with The Ball Family. WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz will be here with Maryse to address the controversy tonight on another edition of MizTV. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and out comes Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, Maryse and The Miz for another must-see edition of MizTV.

Miz starts talking about LaVar Ball and his sons, saying Lonzo Ball will be the biggest NBA flop in history. He rips into Dean Ambrose next, saying Ambrose was supposed to be the next Roddy Piper but he can’t handle the pressure, he just caves. Miz goes on and says Ambrose will be known as the biggest joke of them all. The music hits and out comes Ambrose with a mic.

Ambrose cuts a promo on Miz and says he wants his rematch tonight. The music interrupts and out comes Heath Slater with Rhyno. Slater doesn’t mean to be rude but he was the last person to pin Miz in the ring, not Ambrose. Slater goes on about how he’s never had shots at singles titles after being here for 8 years. Slater has a family, he has kids… he’s tired of going home each week and telling them he’s got this, he’s going to make everything OK when in reality, he doesn’t have this and he doesn’t know if he can make everything OK. Slater says he needs this opportunity and he deserves this opportunity… for his kids. Ambrose says he loves Slater but he’s got to wait his turn and get to the back of the line.

Miz tells them to shut up and says Ambrose will get his rematch when Miz says so. Miz mocks Slater and the people of West Virginia, saying the title shot won’t be happening tonight. Miz and Maryse have a 4th of July party to attend in Hollywood and… the music interrupts and out comes Kurt Angle to a big pop. Angle says Miz doesn’t get to decide when and where he competes, Angle does. They have words and Miz says he will defend on Sunday, he just needs Angle to tell him against who – Slater or Ambrose. Angle says both. It will be Ambrose on Sunday and Slater up next. Miz isn’t happy as we go to commercial.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Heath Slater vs. The Miz

Back from the break and JoJo is doing formal ring introductions for the match. Ambrose is on commentary while Axel, Dallas, Maryse and Rhyno are all at ringside. The Miz is not dressed to wrestle. Slater strikes first and goes for an early pin attempt.

Slater tries to out-wrestle Miz and keeps him on the mat. Slater with another pin attempt. Miz fights back and takes Slater down with a headlock. Slater comes back and hits a hip toss for a 2 count. Slater with the headlock now. Slater drops Miz with a shoulder. Slater counters a move and backslides Miz for another 2 count. Slater continues with the pin attempts and keeping Miz grounded. Miz catches Slater with a knee to the gut and takes him to the corner for a chop but Slater ducks. Slater unloads in the corner.

Slater takes Miz from corner to corner with chops as Rhyno cheers him on. Slater pulls Miz’s shirt over his head and works him over. Maryse, Dallas and Axel distract Slater, allowing Miz to come from behind but Slater ends up sending Miz to the floor for a breather. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Miz has control. He covers for a 2 count. Miz has split the seat of his pants but Graves tells Cole to ignore the wardrobe malfunction. Slater fights back but Miz kicks his knee out and drops him with a DDT for a 2 count. Miz with more offense before tossing Slater out to the floor. Axel and Bo look to attack but Rhyno warns them. Miz comes out and rams Slater back into the barrier. Miz brings it back in the ring and kicks Slater in the face for another close 2 count.

Rhyno tries to rally fans for Slater as Miz looks on. Miz with the “yes!” kicks now. Slater ducks the last kick and plants Miz on his face. Slater makes a comeback and knocks Miz back with a knee to the chin. Miz with a roll-up out of the corner for a 2 count. Slater counters again and hits the inverted neckbreaker for a close 2 count. Slater charges in the corner but Miz side-steps and Slater hits the turnbuckles. Miz follows up with the corner clothesline. Miz goes to the top but Slater runs up and powerslams him to the mat from the top rope.

Axel gets on the apron to distract the referee but Rhyno pulls him off. Rhyno charges at Bo but he ducks and Rhyno puts on the brakes before running over Maryse. Bo and Axel beat Rhyno down at ringside. Miz takes advantage of a distracted Slater and hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the pin.

Winner: The Miz

– After the match, Miz grabs Slater for an attack with Axel and Bo but Ambrose runs to the ring for the save. He enters and goes for Dirty Deeds but Miz avoids it. Miz retreats as Axel and Dallas double team Ambrose, beating him down in the middle of the ring. Miz watches from the corner and goes over to talk some trash before dropping Ambrose with a Skull Crushing Finale. Fans boo. Miz raises the title with Axel and Dallas as his music plays. Maryse and Miz kiss after the announcers plug Sunday’s match.

– Still to come, an interview with Joe and Lesnar.

– We see Braun Strowman attacking Roman Reigns last week and sending him away in the ambulance. Still to come, Braun “roars” live on RAW. Also, Goldust premieres The Shattered Truth. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Titus O’Neil approaches Apollo Crews backstage. They give a Titus Worldwide shout-out and Titus talks Crews, who mentions his new baby girl, into getting excited about challenging Braun Strowman later tonight.

– We go to the ring and Goldust is sitting in a director’s chair. Goldust thanks all the little people, including the fans in the crowd. He has to thank Truth most of all because him being naive, selfish and jealous made all of this possible. Goldust goes on and leads us to the premiere of his latest masterpiece on the big screen – The Shattered Truth, saying this film will do the one thing that Truth has never been able to do on his own – make him a star. We come back and Truth is standing behind Goldust’s chair. Truth tosses popcorn on Goldust and attacks, beating him down. Truth sends Goldust to the floor. Goldust backs up the ramp as Truth’s music hits and Truth stands tall in the corner.

– Kurt Angle is backstage reading a text message. RAW Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Sheamus walk in. Angle has a stipulation for their match against The Hardys on Sunday – a 30-minute Iron Man match. Sheamus says that’s the best decision Angle has made since returning as he just sealed the fate of The Hardys. Cesaro agrees and says he wants some competition tonight. Angle suggests Braun Strowman. Cesaro wants payback on Finn Balor. Angle makes the match. Angle’s phone rings and he asks them to leave so he can take the call. Angle reminds them of the “be careful what you wish for” saying and wishes them good luck before taking the call.

– Seth Rollins is walking backstage. Back to commercial.

Seth Rollins vs. Curt Hawkins

Back from the break and out comes Seth Rollins as Curt Hawkins wits in the ring.

Hawkins takes the mic and says he should be out here facing Braun Strowman tonight, giving him a run for his money. Hawkins says the people of Los Angeles got it wrong last week and hurt his feelings, so he wants to see if the dummies in Phoenix can get it right. Hawkins asks who thinks he will lose tonight. Next he wants to know who thinks… Rollins takes the mic and cuts him off. Rollins wants to know who thinks Hawkins should shut up. Fans pop and Rollins agrees. Rollins drops Hawkins with a right hand to start.

The referee checks on Hawkins and we get the bell. They tangle for a second but Rollins drops him with a knee to the face and covers for the squash win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

– After the bell, we get a replay and Rollins takes the mic. Now that is taken care of he wants to address Bray Wyatt. Rollins cuts a promo on their match this Sunday and says he will finally prove Wyatt is not a God. Rollins says there will be just one question after – is Wyatt a man or just a coward? Rollins drops the mic and makes his exit as his music plays.

– We see Joe and Lesnar getting ready for their interview. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Cole handles the interview from the announce table. Samoa Joe and WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar are in different rooms backstage. Paul Heyman is with Lesnar. Joe cuts Cole off and has a question for Lesnar and Heyman. They argue and Lesnar tells Joe how it’s going to be on Sunday – he will leave with the title and Joe gets nothing. Lesnar calls a coward as they continue to argue. Joe says it’s funny how Lesnar doesn’t fear him when they’re being separated backstage tonight. Lesnar says it’s for Joe’s own safety. They continue until Joe rips off his mic, he’s tired of talking. Joe walks through the back and looks for Lesnar to fight.

Heyman and Lesnar are still in their interview room, not taking the threat seriously. Joe runs into Angle and security but he doesn’t care. He finally opens the door to Lesnar’s interview room but security holds him back. Joe is furious and begging for a fight as security drags him back. We go to a quick break, the Cena return promo.

Neville vs. Mustafa Ali

We come right back and go to the ring as WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville is out for this non-title match. Mustafa Ali is out next. Neville raises the title and taunts Ali as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Ali strikes first. They go back and forth. Ali hits an early crossbody for a very close 2 count.

More back and forth now. Ali takes control again and hits a huge tornado DDT for another very close 2 count. Ali drags Neville to the corner and goes up top again. Ali looks to go for the inverted 450 but Neville jumps up and shoves Ali from the top to the floor.

The referee counts as Ali tries to recover on the floor. Neville goes to the floor and rolls Ali back in. Neville with several boots to the face in the corner. Neville follows up with a running boot to the face now. Neville stands tall and plays to the crowd as they boo him. Neville drops knees and continues focusing on the neck and head. Graves suggests the referee might consider calling the match because of Ali’s condition. Nevile drops Ali on his face and plays to the crowd again.

Ali gets up and strikes Neville. Neville charges in the corner but Ali moves and Neville hits the turnbuckles. Ali looks to make a comeback but Neville meets him with a big clothesline. Neville goes right into the Rings of Saturn for the win.

Winner: Neville

– After the bell, Neville keeps the Rings locked in for a minute or so as the referee warns him. Neville stands tall with the title as we go to replays.

– Still to come, Braun Strowman wants competition. The Wyatt Family graphic hits as we cut to a desert somewhere. Bray Wyatt is walking. He stops and poses in the desert. Wyatt will be up next. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Bray Wyatt is in the desert. He cuts a promo and we see the arena lit up with fireflies. He talks about how his fire has burnt out of control since coming to RAW, even taking credit for The Beast being reduced to a mere mortal. He is Bray Wyatt and he is everywhere. Wyatt asks if Rollins can hear him. Wyatt says Rollins will look into the eyes of a God this Sunday but he will not go blind – for the first time Rollins will see, it will burn.

– Charly Caruso catches up with Alexa Bliss backstage and asks if she’s worried about Sasha’s win tonight going into their match on Sunday. Bliss isn’t worried and indicates that she let Sasha win to give her a false sense of security. Bliss says it’s called strategy. Charly isn’t buying that. Bliss says no one cares what Charly thinks, that’s why she’s holding a microphone and Bliss is holding the title. Bliss promises to be champ after Great Balls of Fire.

Finn Balor vs. Cesaro

We go to the ring and out comes Finn Balor to a pop. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Balor waits as RAW Tag Team Champion Cesaro makes his way out first. Partner Sheamus is out next as they head to the ring together. The music hits before the bell and out comes The Hardys for commentary.

Back and forth to start the match. Sheamus jumps on the apron several minutes in to provide a distraction but Balor keeps control. This leads to Cesaro sending Balor into the corner and turning it around. More back and forth. Cesaro hits European uppercuts but Balor comes back with chops. Cesaro sends Balor to the floor as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break and Cesaro is in control. Cesaro slams Balor for another 2 count. Balor fights back but Cesaro ends up hitting a big vertical suplex for a 2 count. Cesaro with a flying uppercut while Balor is seated on the mat for another 2 count. Cesaro calls for the Neutralizer but Balor counters and delivers a stomp to the chest.

Cesaro talks with Sheamus as he gets to his feet. Cesaro charges in the corner but Balor gets his boots up. Balor makes a comeback and dropkicks Cesaro in the head. Cesaro rolls to the floor and Balor dropkicks him through the ropes. Balor waits on the apron and runs to deliver a kick to the mouth. Balor drops down off the apron and rolls Cesaro back in the ring. Balor waits in the corner and nails a Slingblade when Cesaro gets up. Balor waits for Cesaro to get up again but Elias Samson comes down the ramp with his guitar to provide a distraction.

Cesaro takes advantage of the distraction and hits a big uppercut on Balor for a close 2 count. Samson watches from ringside now. Cesaro waits for Balor to get up. Cesaro hits the distracted Balor with a running uppercut in the corner. They tangle and Cesaro hits another uppercut. Balor rocks Cesaro and sends him back to the floor. Balor runs the ropes but Samson trips him as Sheamus has the referee distracted. The Hardys come down to ringside now. Jeff Hardy attacks Samson while Matt goes to work on Sheamus. Balor dumps Cesaro over the top rope. Balor runs the ropes and lands on the other 5 Superstars. Cesaro slams Balor on the apron knee-first.

Fans chant “this is awesome” now. Matt with a Twist of Fate to Samson on the floor. Sheamus with a Brogue Kick on Matt. Jeff jumps off the apron and takes Sheamus down. Cesaro with a running uppercut on Jeff. Balor with the running dropkick to Cesaro, sending him into the barrier. Balor brings Cesaro back into the ring and hits a Coup de Grace for the pin.

Winner: Finn Balor

– After the match, Balor stands tall as we go to replays. We come back to Balor and The Hardys staring down Samson and the champions, who are on the ramp.

– The announcers plug the WWE Network and Great Balls of Fire.

– Braun Strowman is backstage walking. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and an ambulance backs near the stage as we see recent happenings between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns. Braun hits the ring and takes the mic. There are few things he loves more in this world than hurting Reigns. Braun says he likes hurting Reigns and Reigns is too stubborn to stay down so Braun keeps knocking him back down. Braun almost put Reigns through the ambulance last week but Reigns still thinks he can step to Braun.

Braun says if Reigns shows up next Sunday, he’s going to leave the same way he did last Monday – in the back of the ambulance. Fans boo Braun as he paces around the ring. Braun says Reigns isn’t here tonight but he still wants competition. Braun tells Kurt Angle to send his opponent out, right now. Braun drops the mic and waits.

The music hits and out comes Titus O’Neil with a mic. Titus says Braun is a big man with a big plan but everyone starts off with a plan until they get punched in the mouth. Titus says most nights he would have no problem coming down and slapping the taste out of Braun’s match but tonight will be a special occasion for Titus Worldwide. Titus gives a grand introduction to Apollo Crews, who is coming to prove to everyone that monsters can be defeated. Crews makes his way out.

Apollo Crews vs. Braun Strowman

Strowman charges as the bell hits but Crews ducks and goes to work. They go to the corner and break before going at it again. Braun floors Crews with a big boot to the chest and turns it around. Braun yells about being the man. Braun tosses Crews to the floor and waits as the referee counts. Titus goes over to give Crews a pep talk. Crews makes it in before the 10 count.

Braun goes right to work and keeps Crews grounded. Crews ends up on the floor again. Titus hypes him up. Crews comes back in and slaps Braun. Crews keeps fighting and stuns Braun, then knocking him to one knee. Crews takes Braun down and delivers a standing moonsault but Braun blocks with boots and kicks Crews across the ring.

Braun grabs Crews and hits the big running powerslam for the pin but he stops right before the 3 count to keep punishing Crews. Braun with a second running powerslam. He stops the pin again and keeps up the attack. Braun delivers another slam and covers for the win.

Winner: Braun Strowman

– After the match, Braun grabs Crews for another slam but Titus grabs Crews’ leg from the apron. Titus comes in and faces off with Braun. They have words and Titus unloads but Braun runs him over. Braun takes out Titus and sends Crews over the barrier into the crowd. Braun takes Crews over to the ambulance and tosses him in the back. Braun signals for the ambulance to leave but it doesn’t move, the sirens just go off. Braun looks confused. Braun goes to the driver’s side door and opens it but Roman Reigns is inside. Reigns rocks Braun and fights him but Braun fights back and takes control. Braun launches Reigns up onto the stage. Reigns tries to turn it around. Braun goes to throw Reigns into the LED boards but reigns counters and sends Braun into them. Reigns calls for a spear and delivers, spearing Braun off the stage onto a bunch of boxes. We get a replay and Braun is already back to his feet. Reigns gets to one knee on the stage now. RAW goes off the air.

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