WWE RAW Report – 4/18/16


– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with the usual video. The pyro goes out inside the O2 Arena in London as Michael Cole welcomes us to a sold out RAW.

– We go to the stage and out comes Dean Ambrose to a big pop. He heads to the ring for an episode of The Ambrose Asylum.

Ambrose takes the mic and cracks a joke on Braun Strowman. Fans chant Dean’s name and he can’t believe that joke was a hit. Ambrose says this talk show business is rough. He introduces his guest, Shane McMahon. Shane comes out to another big pop.

Fans chant Shane’s name and Ambrose welcomes him to The Asylum. Ambrose tells Shane to have a seat but he doesn’t have any chairs. Fans chant “you still got it” at Shane. Ambrose says everyone will agree after they see this clip Shane brought – it’s of the big Hell In a Cell jump at WrestleMania 32 against The Undertaker. Ambrose gives Shane props and fans sing Shane’s name to the tune of “ole!” now. Ambrose says he has questions now, he brought Shane to pick his brain. He asks what is on Shane’s agenda. Shane says it’s all about the fans, they are on his agenda. Shane says fans deserve better. He says a new era has emerged in WWE and Superstars are getting a chance that never would have, like AJ Styles, Sami Zayn and Sasha Banks. Shane says this is because the fans and what they have been demanding. He says this is why “we have arrived.” Kevin Owens’ music interrupts and out he comes with a mic.

Owens says Shane can talk about a new era all he wants but he’s not fooling him. Owens says this looks like the same crap he’s seen for years – a McMahon mad with power and a personal vendetta against this generation’s #1 Superstar, him. Shane says he has no personal vendetta against Owens. Owens enters the ring now. He asks why Shane had him tossed from the building last week. Shane says it was so he couldn’t cost Sami Zayn a title shot. Owens says he was punished for being an honest man. Owens says what he said was the truth, Sami doesn’t belong near the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Owens goes on ripping Sami but Sami’s music interrupts and out he comes to a pop. Sami says he hasn’t been riding Owens’ coattails because WWE signed him first, not Owens. Sami talks about Owens throwing their friendship away as he enters the ring. Sami says Owens wouldn’t be in WWE if it weren’t for him. Chris Jericho’s music hits and out he comes to a big pop.

Jericho tells the crowd to shut their mouths as he enters the ring. He says Sami has “stupid idiot emotions” and says Owens is the only one in the ring with a brain because he said Shane is drunk with power. Jericho says he didn’t like Shane then and doesn’t like him now but Shane needs to remember he’s the best in the world at what he does, including hosting the greatest WWE talk show of all-time. He says Shane took that from him. Shane says it’s about new opportunities and that’s why we have The Ambrose Asylum. Shane encourages Jericho to watch The Highlight Reel on the WWE Network. Everyone argues and Ambrose warns them to be careful around his potted plant. Shane announces Jericho vs. Ambrose and Sami vs. Owens for the May 1st WWE Payback pay-per-view. Shane says tensions are getting high so he’s leaving the ring. Ambrose hands Shane the potted plant so it doesn’t get damaged. Ambrose takes off his coat and attacks Owens. Sami takes Jericho to the corner and then sends him out tot he floor. Sami sends Owens to the floor as well. Ambrose’s music hits as he stands tall with Sami and the heels talk trash from the floor. We go to commercial.

Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho

Back from the break and Cole says Shane made this match exclusively on Facebook. He also made Ambrose vs. Owens for the main event. Back and forth to start. Sami with the deep arm drags to take control and keep Jericho grounded.

Sami with a kick and a 2 count. Jericho with some offense but Sami hits the springboard moonsault to the floor. Sami brings it back in the ring as the “ole!” chants start up. Jericho with chops. Sami tosses Jericho to the apron. Jericho goes to the top but Sami nails him in the gut on the way down. Sami keeps control but gets crotched on the top rope when trying to walk it. Jericho stomps away in the corner and puts a boot to Sami. Fans boo Jericho. Sami gets up and fights back with forearms and chops. Jericho nails a dropkick and Sami rolls to the floor. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Jericho hits a suplex on the floor. He brings it back in and hits another suplex. Jericho poses and pins Sami with one foot for a 2 count. Jericho slaps Sami around and talks trash. Jericho takes Sami down with a headlock now. Sami comes back with a pair of clotheslines. Jericho with a kick but Sami hits another clothesline. Sami with a big crossbody for a 2 count. Jericho counters a move and goes for the Walls of Jericho but it’s blocked. Jericho with a kick to the head and a running bulldog out of the corner. Sami blocks the Lionsault with his knees. Sami with the Blue Thunderbomb for a close 2 count.

Sami goes tot he top but Jericho dropkicks him in mid-air. Jericho with the Walls of Jericho but Sami finally makes it to the bottom rope and breaks the hold. Jericho argues with the referee and charges but gets dumped to the floor by Sami. Sami runs the ropes for a dive but Jericho hobbles out of the way. Sami jumps through the second rope and hits the big DDT on the floor for a big pop and more “ole!” chants. Sami brings it back in the ring but Jericho avoids the Helluva Kick and suckers him in for a cheap shot to the eyes. Jericho with the Codebreaker for the win.

Winner: Chris Jericho

– After the match, we go to replays and come back to Jericho raising his arm on the ramp.

– Still to come, Ambrose vs. Owens. Also, the semi-finals of the tag team tournament. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Mauro Ranallo is interviewing AJ Styles backstage. Before he can finish his question, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson walk up. AJ introduces them and they are happy to see each other. Gallows thanks AJ for putting in a good wood for them. Anderson says he’s been working his whole life to get here. Gallows says they’re going to make the most of their opportunity in WWE and they know AJ will at Payback too. AJ says he’s just glad they are here. They leave together to go catch up.

Tag Team Tournament Semi-Finals: Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady vs. The Dudley Boyz

We go to the ring and out comes Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady for their promos as the fans go along. The winners of this match will face the winners of The Usos vs. The Vaudevillains in the finals.

The pyro goes off as Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley are out next. D-Von starts out with Enzo and the crowd is singing Enzo’s name. D-Von takes Enzo to the corner and beats him down. Enzo fights back but D-Von overpowers him and tags in Bubba. Bubba with a big chop in the corner and more offense. Bubba takes a cheap shot at Cass on the apron. They have words and Bubba goes back to work on Enzo as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Bubba works Enzo over with right hands and talks trash. Enzo fights back and gets riled up. Bubba isn’t sure what to think and misses a clothesline. Enzo runs the ropes and Bubba drops him with a big shoulder. Bubba asks D-Von if he wants some of this clown and tells him to destroy Enzo. D-Von takes Enzo to the corner and beats him down again. D-Von with a neckbreaker and a 2 count. D-Von takes Enzo back to their corner and tags Bubba back in. Bubba talks a lot of trash and unloads on Enzo in the corner. Bubba runs the ring and nails a big splash for a 1 count.

D-Von comes in to keep control of Enzo and mocks him. Bubba tags back in and goes to the second rope. He wastes time and talks trash to Cass. Enzo climbs up and trades shots with Bubba. Bubba sends him to the met and goes for a big splash but Enzo moves and Bubba hits the mat. D-Von and Cass get the tags. Cass runs over D-Von and splashes Bubba. Cass unloads on D-Von and drops the Empire Elbow. Cass with a splash on D-Von. He misses the next. Bubba tags in and they double team Cass. Bubba accidentally knocks D-Von out of the ring and turns around to a big boot from Cass. Enzo tags in and they hit the Rocket Launcher for the win and spot in the finals.

Winners: Enzo and Cass

– We get replays and a look at the tournament brackets as Enzo and Cass stand tall.

– Still to come, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns. Fans boo him as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and out comes WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns to mostly loud boos.

Reigns takes the mic says if we haven’t heard it before, he will say it again – he’s not a bad guy, he’s not a good guy, he’s just the guy. Reigns says AJ Styles, he’s a tough guy, a world traveled champion and a great wrestler, so that must make him phenomenal. Reigns says Styles is going to try and out-wrestle him at Payback but that won’t work because Reigns is bringing the big fight. Reigns says anyone else in this new era of WWE that wants some can get punched in the mouth too. Reigns says this is the era of the Roman Empire and we’re here to stay. It sounds like fans chant “boring” until the music hits and out comes AJ Styles to a pop.

Fans chant for Styles as he takes the mic. Styles says Reigns is one helluva champion and fans boo. He says despite what fans think, Reigns has it all – he has power, he’s explosive, aggressive. Styles admits he will need to have the match of his life to beat Reigns but that’s what he does. Styles says having the match of his life has made him champion everywhere else, it’s why WWE came calling and it’s going to make him champion at Payback. Reigns says he feels everything AJ just said and fans boo him. Reigns says he had the match of his life at WrestleMania 32 and that’s where he became champion. More heat from the crowd on Reigns. Reigns agrees with AJ and says that’s why fans like him. Reigns asks London if they like AJ and they do. Reigns says the whole world likes AJ but they won’t like it when Reigns beats him at Payback, but they will respect him. Reigns says he would rather be respected with the title than liked without it. Styles goes with liked and respected because that’s going to make him a better champion. AJ’s music hits and he leaves the ring. AJ is walking up the ramp when Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson hit the ring and lay Reigns out. They hit Magic Killer as AJ watches from the ramp. Gallows and Anderson leave the ring and walk towards AJ on the ramp as he looks concerned. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see a replay of what just happened.

– Reigns is walking backstage and fans boo. Rich Brennan tries to get comments but Styles walks up and says he had nothing to do with that. Reigns doesn’t believe him and knows he brought Gallows and Anderson to WWE. Styles says they are friends but he didn’t bring them and doesn’t need them to take Reigns’ title. Reigns says it doesn’t matter and tells Styles to bring all his friends. Styles walks off.

Fandango vs. Baron Corbin

We go to the ring and Fandango is dancing as we see Dolph Ziggler on commentary. Baron Corbin makes his way out next.

We see the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy at ringside again. They lock up and Fandango takes Corbin to the corner. Fandango with chops. Corbin turns it around but runs into an elbow. Corbin catches Fandango with a forearm and then tosses him out to the floor. Corbin follows and sends Fandango into the ring post. Corbin talks trash and tosses Fandango over the announce table, into Ziggler. Corbin knees Ziggler and brings Fandango back in the ring. Corbin hits End of Days for the win.

Winner: Baron Corbin

– After the match, Corbin stands up to celebrate but Ziggler attacks him from behind. Corbin gets the upperhand and drops Ziggler. Ziggler goes outside of the ring and Corbin follows, hitting End of Days on the floor. Corbin’s music hits and he leaves with Ziggler still down on the floor.

– Still to come, an eight-woman tag team match.

– We see Maryse and WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz walking backstage. She makes a crew member take his suit jacket off and put over a puddle of coffee so they can continue walking. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a new vignette for Primo and Epico.

– Maryse and WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz are in the ring for another edition of MizTV. They talk about the Royal family and show a photo of baby Prince George on the big screen. This leads to them kissing and Cesaro’s music interrupting to a big pop.

Fans chant for Cesaro as he hits the ring in a suit. He says the only royal Miz will be is a royal pain in the ass. Miz gets “boring” chants from fans. Miz tells them to shut their mouths and they boo. Miz says he’s prepared a monologue based on a speech done by Liam Neeson’s character in the “Taken” movie. Fans don’t want to hear it but Miz does it anyway. They give him the “what!?” treatment now. Miz feels he rushed it and Maryse calls for take two. Miz says again, he will defeat Cesaro at WWE Payback. They call for take three but Cesaro stops it. Fans chant for Cesaro. He says the only thing that happens at Payback is him becoming the new Intercontinental Champion. Cesaro has a movie quote for Miz… he quotes Roddy Piper’s legendary “out of bubblegum” line. Miz asks Cesaro if he wants to fight right here tonight. Miz says he would love to but Cesaro is already scheduled for a match against… Rusev. Out he comes and is joined on the stage by League of Nations partners Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio. They head to the ring as Cesaro looks on.

Cesaro says he talked to Shane McMahon before coming out and things were changed. It’s going to be The League of Nations and The Miz vs. Cesaro and… he rips off his suit to reveal a t-shirt for The New Day. Cesaro points to the entrance and out come the WWE Tag Team Champions to a major pop.

The New Day and Cesaro vs. The League of Nations and The Miz

The New Day head to the ring as fans pop. They enter the ring, which is still set up for Miz TV. Cesaro claps with them as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Miz is in control of Woods, who turns it around and applies a headlock. Miz takes Woods to the corner with knees. Woods counters and dodges several moves, dropping Miz with a right hand. Kofi tags in and double teams Miz with Woods. Big E comes in and nails a big splash on Miz for a 2 count. Big E dances and taunts The League. Kofi tags in and goes to the top for a big shot to the arm. Miz sends Kofi into the rope and in comes Del Rio. Del Rio clotheslines Kofi and dropkicks him in the back of the head for a 1 count.

Del Rio with a cheap shot on Woods. He turns around to a big leap and double stomp from Kofi. Cesaro gets in on the Unicorn Stampede in the corner on Del Rio. Woods plays Francesca 2 as the babyfaces unload on Del Rio in the corner. Woods and Kofi work over Del Rio now. Del Rio counters Woods and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Sheamus tags in and stomps away on Woods as fans boo. Sheamus with a running thrust in the corner and a high knee. Sheamus drops Woods again and plays to the crowd. Rusev tags in and kicks Woods while Sheamus holds him. Rusev stomps away as some fans chant for Lana now. Rusev with a big kick and trash talking to the other team. Sheamus tags back in for more offense on Woods. Sheamus tosses Woods to the floor. Del Rio helps Woods to the apron where Sheamus is waiting with forearms. Woods fights them off but Rusev kicks him in the ribs. Sheamus hits the apron forearms now. Del Rio tags in and hits the running enziguri, sending Woods to the floor. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Woods fights Del Rio off but Del Rio applies the armbreaker on the ropes. It’s broken and Miz comes in to keep working on Woods’ arm. Miz talks trash to Cesaro. Miz ends up hitting Cesaro with a cheap shot on the apron, sending him to the floor. Woods backdrops Miz. Del Rio and Sheamus run over and pull Kofi and Big E off the apron. Rusev splashes Woods in the corner. The League are the only ones standing now.

Woods drops Rusev over the top rope and comes back in with a big DDT. Woods still has no one to tag. Cesaro pulls himself up on the apron and Woods tags him. Cesaro unloads on Sheamus and knocks Del Rio of the apron. Miz runs in but Cesaro uppercuts him and Sheamus. Cesaro with the Uppercut Train on Miz and Sheamus now. Cesaro with a dropkick to send Miz out. He runs around the ring on the floor and hits uppercuts on Del Rio and Rusev. He comes back in with a crossbody from the top for a 2 count on Sheamus. Cesaro calls for the Cesaro Swing and goes for it on Sheamus but Miz blocks it. Sheamus slams Cesaro for a 2 count as New Day breaks it. Rusev, Kofi, Del Rio and Big E all run in. Big E blocks a Skull Crushing Finale and hits a Big Ending. Sheamus slams Big E. Cesaro slides out of a slam and hits the Neutralizer on Sheamus for the win.

Winners: Cesaro and The New Day

– After the match, Cesaro and The New Day stand tall and celebrate.

– Mauro is backstage with WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte and WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. We get a look back at last week and Charlotte knocks Mauro for being a bad journalist, saying he’s never accomplished anything. She knocks Natalya, who then appears. Natalya says Flair may have saved her last week but she still tapped out. Natalya reveals Shane has granted her a rematch at WWE Payback. Charlotte isn’t worried. Natalya reveals her uncle Bret Hart will be in her corner and fans pop. Natalya walks off as Charlotte and Flair discuss the news. Back to commercial.

Natalya, Becky Lynch, Paige and Sasha Banks vs. Naomi, Tamina Snuka, Summer Rae and Charlotte

Back from the break and out first comes Natalya. Becky Lynch is out next followed by Paige to a big pop. Sasha Banks is out next to another big pop. Tamina Snuka and Naomi are out first for their team. Summer Rae is out next followed by WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte with Ric Flair.

Charlotte starts off with Natalya and stalls some. She tags Summer in before locking up. Natalya quickly takes Summer down and they trade holds. Back to their feet. Natalya takes control and calls Charlotte pathetic. Sasha tags in to a pop. Summer runs her mouth and slams Sasha by her hair. Naomi tags in and Sasha decks her. She also nails Summer and takes Naomi to the corner. Paige tags in to a pop. Paige with a running knee and a knee in the corner. Naomi slams Paige’s face into the mat but gets caught in a fall-away slam. Naomi goes to the floor for a breather. Tamina comes over and Paige takes them both out from the apron. Becky takes out Charlotte on the floor. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Becky goes at it with Naomi. They trade pin attempts. Tamina tags in but Becky pushes Naomi into her. Tamina ends up dragging Becky to the floor and laying her out with a kick. Tamina brings Becky back in for a 2 count. Fans chant for Becky as Naomi gets in a cheap shot kick to the head. Tamina keeps Becky grounded now.

Summer tags in and Tamina whips Becky into a clothesline for a 2 count. Summer works Becky over in the corner now. Naomi comes back in and stomps away on Becky in the corner. Naomi with a big dropkick for a 2 count. Naomi with a headlock now. Becky finally gets a break when she dumps Naomi to the floor. She runs right back in and stops a tag. Becky kicks her off and tags Natalya. Natalya unloads for a few minutes on Summer as she comes in. Summer drops Natalya with a heel kick and in comes Charlotte. Natalya drops Charlotte for a pin attempt and everyone gets involved now. Natalya counters the Figure Fight and applies the Sharpshooter for the win.

Winners: Natalya, Paige, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch

– After the match, the winners celebrate in the ring as Charlotte yells about her title at ringside.

– Cole leads us to a replay of Gallows and Anderson attacking Reigns earlier tonight. We also get a replay of Styles telling Reigns he had nothing to do with it. We see Styles backstage talking to Gallows and Anderson now. We also see Shane talking to The Usos before they head to the ring. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get another vignette for Primo and Epico from Puerto Rico.

Tag Team Tournament Semi-Finals: The Vaudevillains vs. The Usos

We go to the ring and out comes Simon Gotch and Aiden English with their throwback entrance. This is their first match on RAW. The Usos are out next.

Gotch starts off with Jimmy Uso and they go at it into the corner. Uso with chops and a big right hand. Gotch counters with a knee to the face. Gotch with an uppercut. He lays Uso on the top turnbuckle and Aiden knocks him off tagging in. English unloads on Uso and keeps him grounded now. English catches a kick but gets dropped by an enziguri. Jey Uso tags in and unloads. He knocks Gotch off the apron and goes back to work on English. Uso ducks a clothesline and hits a Samoan Drop. Jey with the Rikishi splash in the corner. Gotch runs in but Uso clotheslines him to the floor. English rolls Uso up for 2. Uso runs into a boot. English comes off the top but gets nailed with a big superkick. Gotch breaks up a 2 count.

Jimmy sends him to the floor and goes out. Gotch launches Jimmy into the barrier. Jey dives out of the ring and takes Gotch down but lands on his bad shoulder. Jey comes back in but English kicks him and throws him shoulder first into the ring post. They end up hitting the Whirling Dervish on Uso for the win to advance in the tournament.

Winners: The Vaudevillains

– After the match, The Vaudevillains celebrate and it’s announced that they will face Enzo and Cass in the finals at Payback. We get a look at the brackets.

– We get a look at Apollo Crews.

Heath Slater vs. Apollo Crews

Back from the break and The Social Outcasts, minus the suspended Adam Rose, are out in the ring. We see a backstage clip from earlier of them trying to recruit Apollo Crews. If he wins the match tonight, they must leave him alone. Crews is out next to a good reaction. Back and forth to start. Crews sends Slater to the floor to regroup with The Oucasts. He comes back in and Crews quickly gets the upperhand again. Crews hits a suplex and holds Slater high in the air for a minute or so before dropping him. Slater gets in a cheap shot and sends Crews into the ring post. Crews falls out to the floor in front of Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel.

Slater brings it back in the ring and keeps Crews grounded. Crews ends up making a comeback and hits a big elbow. He goes to the apron and hits a standing moonsault to take out Axel and Bo. He comes back in and hits a big crossbody but Slater rolls through with a pin attempt. Crews with a big kick to the back of the head and the spin-out powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Apollo Crews

– After the match, we get replays as Crews poses in the corner and plays to the crowd. JBL and Cole praise him big time.

Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose

Crews is still making his exit when Kevin Owens’ music hits. Owens keeps straight ahead and walks to the ring but Crews looks at him in passing. Owens heads to the ring as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Dean Ambrose. They go at it to start the match. Ambrose takes control first. They trade chops in the corner and Ambrose unloads. Owens ends up dropping Ambrose with an elbow and hitting him with more right hands, a knee to the back. Owens chokes Ambrose on the ropes now. Ambrose fights back and hits a headbutt but gets kicked. Owens with a DDT and a 2 count. Ambrose comes back again and sends Owens to the floor for a breather. Ambrose runs the ropes and nails a dive. Ambrose brings it back in but Owens rolls right back out the other side. Ambrose follows but Owens throws him over the announce table. Owens goes back in the ring. Owens goes back to Ambrose and they brawl at the announce table. Ambrose tosses Owens over the table now. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Ambrose hits the running bulldog. Owens ends up turning Ambrose upside down in the corner. Owens with the big cannonball for a 2 count. Owens with a senton for another pin attempt. Owens with a chinlock now. Ambrose fights up and out. Ambrose with rights and lefts. Ambrose charges but Owens sends him over the top rope. Owens hits a big frogsplash off the apron and goes back in the ring as the referee counts.

Ambrose makes it back in but Owens kicks his head off. Owens ends up going back to a headlock. Ambrose backdrops him. Owens runs into a boot in the corner. Ambrose goes up top but Owens cuts him off. Owens climbs up and headbutts him. Owens goes for a superplex but it’s blocked. Ambrose pounds on him and sends Owens to the mat. Ambrose waits for Owens to get up for the elbow but Owens retreats to the floor. Ambrose nails the elbow on the floor and they both go down outside of the ring. Ambrose brings it back in the ring and they trade shots in the middle of the ring as fans do dueling chants.

More back and forth. Ambrose with the big bounce back clothesline for a 2 count. Ambrose ends up hitting a superplex for another close 2 count. Owens blocks Dirty Deeds. Ambrose counters a pop-up powerbomb but runs into a superkick for another 2 count. Owens goes back to the top but gets cut off. Owens counters on the top and brings Ambrose down on his head. Owens with another close pin attempt. Fans chant “this is awesome” now. Owens goes to the top for a Frogsplash but Ambrose gets his knees up. Owens misses a cannonball in the corner. Ambrose with a roll up but Owens rolls through. Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds for the win.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

– After the match, Ambrose recovers as we go to replays. We come back and Ambrose turns around to Chris Jericho running in with a Codebreaker. Fans boo as Jericho stands over Ambrose. He kneels down in Ambrose’s face and stands tall again. Jericho raises his fist in the air as fans boo and RAW goes off the air.

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