Local Police Have No Record of Alberto Del Rio Stabbing Incident, Paige Reportedly Gets Involved

Alberto Del Rio

There’s a lot of speculation on the alleged Alberto Del Rio stabbing incident over the weekend in San Antonio, Texas. As noted via MLW Radio, Del Rio was stabbed several times by a man on Saturday after the man hit Del Rio’s car with his own car by accident. The two drivers exited their vehicles and had words, leading to the man pulling a knife. Del Rio reportedly turned to leave, as he had to catch a flight to Mexico for Sunday’s AAA show that he missed, but the man slashed him from behind. They ended up on the ground and Del Rio got the knife away from the man but he fled in his vehicle. Reports from Del Rio and MLW Radio were that witnesses saw the attack and got the man’s license plate, police were called and a report was filed.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio and Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, the San Antonio Police have no record of the alleged attack involving a high-profile celebrity. Meltzer says the local police aren’t saying the incident did not happen but they apparently don’t know about it.

Another interesting twist to the story is Del Rio’s girlfriend Paige. The report from MLW Radio did not mention the injured WWE Superstar being there but one account Del Rio gave Mexican media did. Meltzer was also relayed a story that mentioned Paige being there. Word is that while Del Rio and the man went to the ground with the man still stabbing Del Rio, she got involved and was thrown by the suspect. Del Rio went to check on her and that is when the man got away in his own car.

Paige being there also raises suspicion on Del Rio’s claim that he could not contact AAA until Monday morning because he lost his phone during the incident as Paige was with him and would have had a phone to use to at least start the process of notifying AAA.

We’ll keep you updated on this story, which is still developing.

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