Mae Young Classic Wrestlers Not Hot Enough For WWE

Mae Young Classic

In the eyes of a few WWE officials, some of the women who wrestled in the Mae Young Classic aren’t hot.

According to Dave Meltzer in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, those in the company who believe WWE women “all have to be hot” were not pleased with some of the talent used in the 32-women tournament. They feel that a lot of the women used aren’t good looking enough for WWE standards.

According to a Twitter user who has sources in WWE and broken a number of stories, the officials who Meltzer did not name are Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn (WWE’s Executive Vice President, Television Production).

This Twitter user also noted that he was given names of who McMahon and Dunn specifically dislike.

“Don’t blame me,” Meltzer said on the matter. “I think the last year showed conclusively that the audience reacts better now to strong performers than hot women who are there for nothing other than being hot.

“The lack of reaction to Lana in her new role as compared to her old role, the one woman being marketed the old way to the extreme, kind of showed that. But far more important than if the crowd does or doesn’t react, those who have access to quarter hour numbers have noted this group of women do far better in the ratings than the Kelly Kelly types and Maryse types (in her wrestling days) and the women in general did when the women were hired with the idea of getting the hottest models and trying to teach them to not have bad girlie matches as opposed to now where the women aren’t discouraged from wrestling a hard style.”

Meltzer also noted that WWE gave some of the women makeovers.