Mick Foley On Who Kurt Angle Should Face In Final WWE Match, Emma Teases Her Return To Raw

Mick Foley

– During a recent interview with Jim Ross on The Ross Report, Raw General Manager Mick Foley said Brock Lesnar would be a fitting opponent for Kurt Angle’s final match in WWE.

“There’s an aura around Brock.” Foley continued, “he definitely has an aura, even among the boys. And I think a lot of people knock the part-time aspect, but, man, Paul Heyman said it’s the same reason you don’t celebrate Christmas every day. It’s too important. You don’t get Brock Lesnar all the time. I’d love to see that match and I think it would be a great match and a fitting exit for Kurt if that’s the way he chooses to go out.”

Foley also talks about dropping 100 pounds and getting healthy, Jimmy Snuka, being General Manager of Raw, Holy Foley and more. You can check out the interview here.

– For months now, Emma has been teasing her transformation into “Emmalina,” and now, it seems like the makeover fans have been anxiously awaiting is finally here.

Emma sent out this reminder that she will be on Raw tomorrow night.


WWE has been hyping her transformation for months and last week advertised her to appear on tomorrow’s show.