The Miz on Dolph Ziggler Winning the WWE IC Title, Having the “It Factor”, Daniel Bryan, More (Video)

The Miz

Above is this week’s “Off The Top Rope” segment from ESPN SportsCenter with Jonathan Coachman recapping RAW and SmackDown action.

In the videos below, Coach is joined by The Miz and Maryse. Coach says Miz has been on fire for the past several months and asks why he thinks that is. Miz brings up having his wife at his side and says every time he doubts or second-guesses himself he has her in his ear to tell him how great he is. Miz does a pretty bad imitation of Maryse’s accent. He says to know he has that support system with him, that’s driven him to excel.

Regarding the brand split, Miz says SmackDown is killing RAW in every way, including character development and storylines. Coach brings up Dolph Ziggler beating Miz for the Intercontinental Title at No Mercy on Sunday. Miz says there’s on denying Ziggler’s talent, in the ring and on the mic, his heart or his dedication. Miz admits he bit off more than he could chew, lost focus for a few seconds and that cost him the title. Miz says an opponent is everything in WWE and you need someone you can play off of, someone you can go after. Miz says Dolph is the complete opposite of himself. He asks Coach why the person that lost is on his show tonight and that’s because he’s the star, the draw and the person people talk about, the one they want to see as champion. Miz says Ziggler can get it done in the ring but he doesn’t deserve to be Intercontinental Champion because there’s only one person for that job – The Miz.

Coach brings up the heated Talking Smack exchange with Daniel Bryan from earlier in the summer. Miz says he was very aggravated that day and has been aggravated over SmackDown not giving the IC Title the attention it deserved. He talks about how the focus was being put on the WWE World Title and the new SmackDown titles but no attention was being given to his title, one with such a rich history, and that was driving him nuts. Miz thought it was because of the past issues he’s had with Bryan, so he decided he would make people listen and that’s what he did.

Coach asks Maryse what she thinks when she sees an altercation like the one on Talking Smack. She believes Bryan should have a lot more respect for her husband. She says Bryan had a good career but if it weren’t for The Miz, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

Coach asks Miz what he thinks is most important when it comes to developing new stars – mic skills or in-ring skills. Miz says it’s having the ring skills, the mic skills and being able to work hard at everything you do, to never say no when they need you up at 6am to do media. Miz says it’s having the “it factor” – looking, walking, talking and acting like a star. He says a star does everything, no matter what, and does it with the best of their ability. Maryse says the “it factor” isn’t something you can teach. Miz goes on and says he’s not happy where he is right now. If he’s not in the main event of every show, he’s not happy.

They also discuss how Coach stood up for Miz when no one else liked him backstage, Cleveland sports and more.

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