More Backstage News On Kurt Angle’s In-Ring Future With WWE

Kurt Angle

Has Kurt Angle wrestled his last match for WWE?

WWE officials are taking immediate steps to phase out Angle as an in-ring competitor, according to a report late last night by Rajah.

Some people in WWE believed that Angle was going to work some type of retirement match at WrestleMania 35 — possibly against John Cena — but those plans appear to have been scrapped.

After speculating in the report that Angle could announce his retirement tonight on Raw — which takes place in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — Rajah is now under the impression Angle will wrestle at WrestleMania. His belief, however, is that Angle will work a “meaningless” match rather than a bout that would be considered a “proper send off” for a WWE Hall of Famer.

According to Rajah, WWE plans to offer Angle a contract where he would get transitioned into a behind-the-scenes role.

A lot of people feel WWE severely misused Angle when he returned to the company two years ago as the General Manager of Raw. They say his “story arc was completely in the wrong order” as he should have wrestled first and retired before being placed in an authoritative role.