More Backstage News on WWE Possibly Working with WWN, SHINE Wrestling Also Playing a Big Factor

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– PWInsider has confirmed previous reports of WWE being unhappy with Figures Inc. releasing a Ring of Honor Kevin Steen action figure before WWE released a Kevin Owens figure. Steen reportedly signed his deal for the figure well before he signed with WWE but it’s just now being released due to delays on the Figures Inc. end.

A source noted to PWInsider that a potential deal between WWE and WWN, the parent company of EVOLVE and FIP, would see WWN continue to sign top indie talents to deals that now would include licensing and merchandising, so if and when WWE wants to bring that talent to NXT, they won’t have the hassle of having to secure the different rights from other third parties. There’s talk that if an indie talent has signed a third party merchandising deal with any kind of exclusivity, then WWE wouldn’t be interested in signing them. As we noted yesterday, there will always be exceptions to the rule as there are with any rules.

Another big part of the story is Florida-based SHINE Wrestling, WWN’s women’s wrestling group. With WWE pushing the NXT Divas division, they are interested in having a group of women they can have “official access” to for potential use in NXT.

The basic idea is that WWE, under an official relationship with WWN, would be able to pick up and sign any WWN talents without outside hassles. The deal is nowhere close to being done and there’s no guarantee that it will be completed but the talks are ongoing.

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Source: PWInsider