More Details on Three Former WWE Talents Suing the Company, Wrestler Alleges “Code of Silence”

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– As noted, former WWE talents Ryan Sakoda, Luther Reigns and Russ McCullough have filed a lawsuit against WWE in California, where all three of them reside. The 47 page lawsuit is almost word for word the same lawsuit filed by other former WWE talents recently.

Sakoda claims he and other talents were “forced to wrestle injured or you lost your job” and that WWE did not discuss or treat concussions. Sakoda alleges that WWE is operated by “intimidation and abuse” and that WWE disregarded his health and safety to the point that it left him traumatized. Sakoda says he suffered a concussion after taking a superkick in 2013 but WWE medical staff just told him not to go to sleep or he might die. Sakoda claims he suffers from numerous symptoms including memory loss, severe depression, severe migraines and headaches.

McCullough claims he was knocked unconscious during a WWE event in Cincinnati, Ohio and was then beat with 15 chairshots without WWE trainers intervening. McCullough claims WWE stated “not our problem” when he reported the issue. McCullough claims he’s still suffering from numerous symptoms including severe depression, severe migraines, memory loss, headaches and panic attacks that have resulted in over 40 emergency room visits since he retired from the ring.

Reigns is alleging that there was a “code of silence” in WWE regarding head injuries and he suffered numerous concussions/injuries that went untreated. Reigns claims he was once knocked out by Big Show and even though he vomited afterwards, he was not provided any kind of treatment. The suit notes that Reigns suffered a stroke in the past and suffers from post-concussion symptoms today including severe fatigue, dizziness and severe short term and long term memory loss. The suit says Reigns is unable to remember much of his life.

WWE has not yet responded to the lawsuit.

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Source: PWInsider