News from Dixie Carter’s Letter to the TNA Roster and Staff Today

Dixie Carter

We reported earlier this morning that Anthem Sports and TNA have entered into a newfound credit-based relationship, wherein Anthem will more-or-less attain ownership of the company. Dixie will remain chairwoman, whereas Billy Corgan is no longer involved. Billy’s lawsuit is still ongoing, and as of this morning, Corgan has yet to be paid the money owed to him by Dixie and TNA. Dixie will maintain an authoritative presence within the promotion, but Anthem’s Ed Nordholm will take over as the official head of the company.

Dixie Carter sent a letter to members of the roster and staff, noting that TNA has “concluded agreements” with Anthem for a “funding plan that will stabilize the company.”

Dixie wrote: “This is excellent news for all our shareholders in that it means, we, as a company, will continue to provide our fans with the best wrestling content on the planet.”

Dixie informed TNA staff and performers that there will be changes made to the company as they move forward. The organizational structure will remain the same, indicating Dean Broadhead and Dixie’s husband Serg Salinas will remain on the Board of Managers. She mentioned in the letter that Anthem’s other sports properties will benefit TNA and that Anthem’s sales team will support TNA with TV and digital advertising. Dixie said the Board of Managers is working to develop a “longer-term business plan” for TNA. She wrote, “With financial stability, we can focus on executing our near term objectives while planning a measured and thoughtful approach for the future.”

It was also confirmed in the letter that Aroluxe Media will continue overseeing production in 2017. The letter referred to Aroluxe as “also an equity stakeholder.”

Dixie also told talents today that the next set of TV tapings will take place from January 5th through January 10th in Orlando.

Regarding Corgan, Dixie confirmed that he is no longer with the company but did not elaborate. She made it known that she and Nordholm would be available for talents to ask questions. She thanked everyone for their “patience and support through this process” and ended the letter by writing, “Over the years, we have built TNA and Impact Wrestling to be a very successful, global brand. You should all be excited for its future and be more determined than ever to work dilligently to take the company to the next level.”

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Source: PWInsider