Nikki Bella Biography

Nikki Bella

If traffic has come to a screeching halt, it just might be Nikki Bella bouncing down the street. This fearless WWE Diva is not a hallucination. Her name is Nikki Bella.

For years, this bountiful bombshell has turned heads and broken hearts in WWE, but do not dismiss her as just another piece of eye candy. Whether grappling with other Divas or unleashing a little “Twin Magic” with her sister Brie Bella, this spicy sister spells trouble for all her rivals. In 2011, Nikki aided Brie in capturing the first Divas Championship for the twin duo. The following year, however, Nikki was able to score the the butterfly-emblazoned belt around her trim waist by toppling the mighty “Glamazon,” Beth Phoenix.

While no one will ever consider Nikki a technical wrestling master, she has been one of WWE’s most successful female performers over the past several years, thanks in large part to her charisma, solid verbal abilities, and—of course—the Bellas’ twin magic switches. She is also one of the top female athletes in professional wrestling. Foot loose and fancy free in high school, Nikki was a standout soccer player who had planned to play professionally until a devastating leg injury dashed her dream.

The hit E! reality show Total Divas provides a look into the fearless Diva’s private life. This extra attention has caused jealousy among the Divas in the locker room, but Nikki has the skills to prove that she’s more than just another pretty face.