Nikki Bella Says Her Breakup With John Cena Isn’t Fake

Ahead of the Season 3 premiere of Total Bellas this Sunday on E!, there has been much speculation that Nikki Bella and John Cena’s breakup is merely a publicity stunt for the new season.

Nikki Bella appeared on ET Canada and addressed the speculation that their breakup is fake.

“Sometimes people don’t realize how you can affect them. It’s kind of like when we try to talk to cyberbullies and tell them that you have no idea how you’re affecting people. I’m a human being that literally went through a breakup. Everyone’s been through a breakup and think of how we feel,” Nikki said.

“So mine has just been blown up and people all of a sudden are saying that I’m faking it. You’re now saying that my heartache is fake, and that makes it even harder. It’s just like, what can I do right? That’s just really, really tough.”

Bella didn’t hesitate to plug the premiere, saying that Total Bellas will put to rest any potential rumors that their breakup is fake.

In the latest edition of WWE Now, Cathy Kelley recaps this week’s news centering their breakup and hopes for a reconciliation.