Paige Talks HHH’s Influence On Divas Revolution, Which Diva She Thinks Has The Most Potential


Speaking to Doug Mortman and Larry Dallas of Busted Open on the Sirius XM Radio Network, Paige discussed a number of topics including Triple H’s influence on the “Divas Revolution,” which Diva she feels has the most the potential, how the women of Tough Enough may fare in WWE, and more. Highlights from the interview are as follows.

Triple H’s influence on the Diva’s Revolution

“Just seeing him come in and completely take what was then called FCW like under his wing and make it into this huge brand to the point where it sold out in Brooklyn – 15,000 people are coming to watch NXT – that’s MIND BLOWING … and it’s all because of that guy. He really wanted to make it a success and he really did, especially with the Divas. He really did give the Divas a chance in NXT – like me and Emma, the first network show that we did – he really gave us a chance on there and it just progressed. He killed it. He knocked it out of the park with it. We’re all extremely thankful for the opportunity that he gave every single one of us.”

Which Diva Paige feels has the most promise

“Even though she’s on the opposing team, I would say Sasha Banks. I’m a huge fan of hers. And I’ve always said it. I’ve always said Sasha Banks. She’s just the full package to me. She can promo, she can wrestle, she looks good … she definitely shows the most, I think.”

On whether she sees either of the remaining two Divas on Tough Enough becoming a big name in NXT and eventually the main WWE roster

“As much as I like Sara Lee, and everyone thinks I pick on her, I would have to say Amanda – and it’s not being biased because you know how I’m like with both of them, I’m brutally honest with both of them. Amanda is kind of the full package too – she can talk, she’s really starting to get things in the ring, and she’s really embracing that heel role that she’s got going on. She really doesn’t care what people think of her and that’s cool to me, I like that, she doesn’t care about being liked or not. She’s not afraid of being different, she’s not afraid to be herself. She does great in the ring. She takes control as well, especially with her and Sara’s match she really took control of it. That’s cool. I like that about her.”

On the winners of Tough Enough and their eventual transition to the NXT roster

“It’s definitely going to be hard transition for them because they’re going to have to start working extra hard … especially because there are a lot of people on NXT that have worked their whole lives to get where they are. To be honest with you, they DO work hard, but they’re doing it on a reality show and then they get handed the contract at the end of the day. I can see a few jealous people [in NXT] but everyone is cool and cordial and they’ll be fine.”

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