Sasha Banks Says She Accidentally Hit Vince McMahon When They First Met

Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks, who appeared on Talk Is Jericho on Wednesday, revealed that she accidentally hit Vince McMahon backstage when they first met.

Sasha revealed to Chris Jericho that meeting Vince was nerve-wracking even though she continually told herself not to be afraid. She said it was the night she debuted on Raw and her first interaction with the WWE Chairman was when she accidentally hit him while using hand motions to explain something to Naomi and Tamina.

“And I was like, ‘oh my God!’ [Vince was] like, ‘are you guys excited [for Team B.A.D.’s debut]? Are you guys ready for this?,’” Sasha recalled.

Sasha also told a story about she and Paige getting 15 minutes to work a crossover match on Raw (airdate July 27, 2015) — the segment that takes place at the top of the hour – and that after the bout, Vince stood up and shook both of their hands. Paige then told Sasha that Vince never stands up.

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