Paige’s Injuries Could Be Worse Than Originally Believed


Paige has been missing from WWE for several weeks now and we recently learned that her absence is due to lingering injuries with her back, neck and shoulders. Now, it seems that her injuries are more serious than was initially believed.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter published on Wednesday, there is now concern that Paige has suffered nerve damage.

“Regarding Paige, there may be some nerve damage regarding her back and shoulder issues,” Dave Meltzer reports. “I was told her neck issue is similar to what a lot of the guys have had that had serious problems where the problem has led to weakness in the right arm which was the first stage for some major issues with a lot of the guys.”

Paige already had back issues when signing with WWE; she suffers from scoliosis, a curvature of the spine. The WWE Superstar said in an interview with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin last year that her spine looks like a question mark. At the time, Austin wondered if this could lead to issues down the line for Paige, and she didn’t deny that this could be the case.

Amid reports that she was away from WWE due to an injury, Paige posted this video on Twitter showing herself trying to get her back and shoulder stronger.