Randy Orton Talks WWE SummerSlam Match with Brock Lesnar, New WWE Superstars, More

Randy Orton

As heard at this link, Randy Orton appeared on the latest episode of Booker T’s “Heated Conversations” podcast. Orton appears at the 70:00 mark. Below are highlights:

* Orton’s been enjoying the time off at home. His new wife is pregnant and they just moved into a bigger house but the kids are looking forward to seeing him get back in the ring. He and the kids are happy about the SummerSlam match against Brock Lesnar. Orton called it a very big match to have after being out of action and said he smiled when he got word his return match would be against Brock

* Booker brought up how the landscape of WWE has changed since Orton left, with the New Era and the upcoming Brand Extension. Orton feels it’s an accomplishment being around for as long as he’s been around and says guys like Kevin Owens and AJ Styles have been doing this as long as he has, and you can tell that through their work. Orton says WWE is now lucky enough to have them. He’s already mixed it up with Owens some and believes there is chemistry there but is looking forward to working with AJ and jokes about taking him out of the air with a RKO

* Orton talked about how he was once the young, nervous, green talent learning from older talents like Booker T, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. He said it’s a shame a lot of guys never understand how it easy it is and make it so much harder on themselves. Orton says you just have to go out there, take a deep breath and get over, calling it simple. He says it’s sad to see great athletes be their own worst enemy, something he once did until guys like Booker taught him what the business is all about – having fun. Orton said you can’t have fun in the ring when you’re stressing over every little thing and fans pick up on that

* Orton brought up how he’s the youngest WWE Champion in history and Lesnar is the youngest WWE Champion in history. He says they both came up together, were trained by the same people at the original OVW, and had to ride with Big Boss Man and Curt Hennig when they were called up. Orton says he and Lesnar were pretty tight back in the day and he knows Lesnar on that kind of level. Orton says he’s glad Lesnar came back to WWE and he always wanted this match. Orton acknowledges no one is stronger, quicker and more powerful than Lesnar. Orton says he’s had more wrestling matches than Lesnar and will use that experience. Orton doesn’t care how big they are because the RKO takes them all down. Orton says he would love to leave SummerSlam with a win

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